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News from the Collective
March 30th, 2009

Snow? Spring? Wine!

There's only 30 hours left to subscribe to the very first delivery from the WineCollective. The official cut-off for the April delivery is Tuesday March 31st, at Midnight (MST). So if you've been on the fence about joining, now is the time to take advantage of our launch prices.

Jacques Cartier
Normally $42.50, now $35!

Normally $85, now $75!

Normally $145, now $135!

Find out more about each package on the site.

We've got some really exciting wines to share with you this month, so don't hesitate and join today!

Also if you're already signed up (awesome!), you can earn points by inviting your friends!

Phone Number Issues – Fax Tones

Over the weekend, we noticed that the phone number that we provided for WineCollective was apparently forwarding to a fax number. We contacted our telephone service provider and have notified them of the issue and they are working on a resolution. If you need to get in touch with WineCollective, please send an email to until this phone problem is resolved.

Thanks for you patience.

David and Adrian

*Our new number has now been updated 403.648.9094, sorry for any inconveniences!

2006 Bordeaux – Arriving soon

Glass o' Bordeaux

After coming off the amazing vintage from Bordeaux in 2005, the 2006 vintage is going to have some huge shoes to fill. Most of the wine pundits of the world have spoken and stated that consumers should look to the 05's before the 2006 vintage, but at what cost? The wines from 2005 were bought at and now priced at pre-recessionary prices, making them out of reach for most consumers / collectors. The 2006 wines should be price adjusted / corrected, making them more accessible for the non millionaires of the world. Although most won't be ready for the next 3-5 years, the 06 vintages will start to filter into stores over the next few months. Keep your eyes open for these at your next visit to your local market.

Check out coverage from Decanter here.

Canadians Insatiable Thirst for Wine

Ok folks, here it is, proof is in the pudding. Canadians are officially winos and there is apparently no stopping us! Check out the link below to get some of these facts:

– Canada has become number 6 in the world as far as the largest importer of wine.
– From 2003 to 2012, we are poised to polish off just over 1 billion bottles of wine. Not a typo, 1 BILLION bottles.

Its posts like these that makes me excited about the opportunity to help Canadian consumers learn and experience more around the wines they are drinking.

Special thanks to Julianna Hayes for her recent blog post.…

Amazing Cellar Design

“Ever want a wine cellar but don’t have the space or money to build one? The Spiral Cellars design/build firm will dig a hole right in whatever room you want your cellar in and haul the dirt right out the front door. In the remaining void they infill a highly functionally and visually dazzling spiral-staircase wine cellar to fit all your favorite vintages and go with your favorite funky furniture designs.”

“Wow” That is all..


News from the Collective – March 10, 2009

We have been hard at work over the past couple of weeks, refining the experience and are ready to take the wraps off the brand new WineCollective website.

A few small changes since we last chatted:

1) Shipping is now inclusive in all packages. We know how much it sucks to be surprised by unexpected charges during the checkout process and we said, “Be gone with them”. Now, packages start at $42.50, which is a tremendous deal (actually cheaper than we had originally planned). During the month of March, free shipping will be offered, so be sure to sign up and tell your friends because this offer is only good until the 31st.

2) We have built a loyalty points system into the WineCollective, that rewards you for being a member. We will also be rewarding you further if you contribute your ideas, thoughts (commenting on the blog) and when you refer friends.

If you have any questions during your experience, please feel free to email us at or give us a call as we would love to hear your from you.

Launch Party

Clear your calendars folks. As promised (and trust us, this is one of our favourite parts), we are going to be throwing a launch party later this month. We'll keep you posted on the details. Lastly, something to think about, for the member who has the most points and decides to come, there may be a special thank you waiting!

Looking forward to our first shipment in April, hope you are as well!