Corporate Gifts That Make Your Company Stand Out

It’s not easy finding the right corporate holiday gift — especially this year, with many employees working from home. Gone is the communal kitchen to gather in and share the chocolates or cookies that were delivered. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your own employees, great clients, or beyond, WineCollective offers customizable corporate gifts that recipients can enjoy in the office or at home, leaving your business at the top of their mind.

Show You Care Through Employee Gifting

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There is no one who works harder than your employees. No matter your industry, there is a group of great people working every day to keep your business running. The holiday season is the perfect time to take a moment and really show your appreciation.

Why should you send your employees a holiday gift?

  • Show gratitude.
    Give a holiday gift to current employees to show them they’re valued beyond their paycheque. 
  • Employee Recognition.
    Send a personalized holiday gift to your employees to show that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. 
  • Boosts morale.
    Gift them with a unique experience to spark joy and boost team spirit, especially during what has been a difficult year.. 

Take the time to show your appreciation for your team, large or small. Give the gift of wine this holiday season and toast to your great employees!

Show You Care Through Client Gifting

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We try not to focus on the negative, but the reality is that a lot of businesses have had a difficult time in 2020. A great way to show your gratitude for your clients old and new, is to send a great, unique holiday corporate gift.

Why should you send corporate gifts over the holidays?

  • Say thanks.
    Sometimes a card with a note isn’t enough. Send a gift to your longtime clients or clients who hit huge milestones this year, offering thanks with amazing bottles of wine!
  • Customer Retention.
    Build and maintain your client relationships by going the extra mile with a unique holiday gift that stands out from all the rest.
  • Show you care.
    Your customers and clients support you all year. Show them how much their business means to you with a truly unique gift — more than just wine for more than just a client. 

Why Send Corporate Gifts through WineCollective?

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We aren’t just great wine, sourced from around the world. We have plenty to offer in creating educational, unique, and delicious wine experiences. A WineCollective gift includes:

  • Volume discounts
  • Timed arrival dates with tracking
  • Personal service for you (speak to us directly!)
  • Customer service for recipient
  • Holiday greeting card with each package
  • Custom gifting packages based on your needs

Giving with WineCollective is so easy to do. If you’d like to learn more about our corporate gifting options, please email us anytime at or fill out the form below, and we will be happy to help you find the best gifting option for you! Ready to give now? No problem!

Ready to surprise and delight your clients or employees?

Not Your Average Mother’s Day Gift

Celebrating Mom Like She Deserves

Many holidays are synonymous with spending time with loved ones. Whether it’s large family dinners for Christmas or a festive birthday brunch, Canadians love celebrating with their friends and family. No matter who the mom is in your life — parent, spouse, friend, caregiver or neighbour — they deserve all the appreciation you can give. We want to share some ways you can still celebrate mom with a great Mother’s Day gift, without being in the same room.

Obviously, Moms Love Wine

We couldn’t miss this opportunity to share our Mother’s Day gifts. Every year we create great gifting options that will delight any lucky mom who is interested in wine. It’s so easy to send a gift of wine to that special mom who deserves a few great bottles. With limited resources available locally, getting wine shipped is the easiest way to enjoy wine these days. And with WineCollective, you know that the bottles mom gets will be great.

We scour the world looking for the best wine and often share vintages, varietals, and wineries that you can’t get in stores. Shop our 1, 2, 3 and 6 month gift options and get some awesome wine in Mom’s hands, without either of you leaving the house!

WineCollective Mother's Day Wine Gift Wine

Brunch: A Mother’s Day Gift Classic

A tried and true celebration of moms is brunch. If you can’t have a brunch together, there are some inventive ways to still show mom you care with a great meal. Many great, local restaurants are offering delivery or take-out services, which is an excellent way to support small businesses and eat great food!

Using food delivery services means you can easily send brunch right to mom’s door:

All of these services offer delivery across Canada. What a great surprise to give! There is also the option of picking up a basket or prepared meal from a local vendor or restaurant and having a picnic. We even have some great rosé that would accompany an outdoor breakfast.

mother's day winecollective brunch

Time For a New Hobby

There is no better time than the present to rediscover existing passions or explore a new one! Maybe your mom is learning to paint or is excited about getting back into the garden. This is the perfect time to really listen, not that we don’t always listen to our moms…

Take some time to scout out local shops – maybe you’ll find amazing craft kits or DIY packages. Local greenhouses will also likely be offering plenty of great gift options for moms with green fingers.

WineCollective Mother's Day Wine Gift Hobby

A Mother’s Day To Remember

At the end of the day, what moms want most is for their loved ones to be cared for and happy. So at the very least, take the time to call, email, or video chat with the special mom in your life.

If you do insist on a gift, give mom three professionally curated wines from around the world. You’ll get to pick whether she’ll receive an all-red, mixed, or all-white pack! She’ll also receive three exclusive Mother’s Day recipes, a tasting guide for her wine journey, and mom will also be able to enjoy member perks such as access to our discounted member store!