9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wine Lover Dad

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start shopping for Dad. We get that shopping for a wine lover dad can be hard sometimes, but we’ve found some gadgets and ideas just for you! We’re sure Dad will love them all.

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad Who’s Always Wine Ready! 

If your Dad is always ready when it comes to sipping on wine, or if he loves entertaining then this all-in-one wine gadget set is calling his name. Equipped with an electronic bottle opener, a vacuum wine preserver, an aerator, and more, this is the perfect gift for a wine-loving dad. The gadgets also come with their own stand to keep everything compact and neat – great for the dad who’s organised, too!

An all in one wine gift set by Ivation. This set comes with an electric cork opener, a vacuum sealer, a foil cutter and an aerator.
The All-in-One Wine Gift Set by Ivation

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That Loves Fun Socks

If Dad’s always raving about socks, and how fun they can be, grab a pair of these wine glass crew socks and watch Dad rock them around the house (with a wine glass of course!) These fun socks have little wine glasses printed all over them – a fitting gift for your wine-loving Dad.

Mens crew socks that are salmon in colour. They have wine glasses printed on them.
Men’s Wine Glass Crew Socks by HotSox

A Gift For the Wine Lover Dad That Collects Tasting Cards 

Is Dad always losing his wine tasting cards? He was sure he put them in that left kitchen drawer… look no further. This wine journal is specially crafted for wine lovers in mind. Each page has a tasting section so that Dad can jot down all his notes for his favourite wine bottles, and always have them in one place! 

A tasting journal from WineFolly.
The Wine Tasting Journal by WineFolly

A Gift For the Wine Lover Dad That Loves Glassware.

If Dad is always looking for new and fancy glasses to sip his wine in, then give him this premium set of Riedel tasting glasses. With the wine lover in mind, each glass is crafted by hand. The glasses are made for different styles and varieties of wine. The tasting experience is out of this world, and Dad will never look back! 

The WineWings tasting set by Riedel. 
A set of four glasses
The Wine Wings Tasting Set by Riedel

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That’s On the Go

We get that dads can be busy, they’ve got a lot to do! Work, boats, golf, wine, more golf – you get it. Since they have a lot to do, a perfect gift for the Dad who’s always on the go is a Yeti Wine Tumbler! It’s an insulated cup that will keep your wine – and other Dad-approved drinks – cool for hours. Gift Dad a tumbler for all his favourite drinks.

The Rambler 295 mL Tumbler by Yeti

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That’s Always Camping

For the Dad that enjoys camping and sipping, this outdoor table is a versatile piece of furniture that he will always want around. Serving as a bottle holder and mini table, it’s portable and perfect for the RV or glamping lifestyle.

Outdoor Folding Wine Table by KLFG

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That Needs to Keep His Wine Cool! 

Is Dad always complaining that his wine bottle warms up too quickly? Is the ice bucket making a mess and leaving water rings on the furniture? Fear not because this wine sleeve cooler is the perfect gift for Dad! This insulated sheet slides over the wine bottle, keeping it chilled for as long as Dad is sipping. The added bonus is that the sleeve soaks up the condensation. No more water rings!

Le Creuset WA126 LC MATT Black Cooler SLE

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That Loves to Sip on the Porch!

A wine glass holder that’s perfect for Dad if he enjoys sitting on the porch and soaking in the sunshine and breeze. Or for the dad who loves backyard barbequing! The hook clips onto a regular chair or table to hold a wine glass. Now, Dad doesn’t have to juggle between holding his wine glass and giving you a hug or flipping his steak! 

The Wine Hook- Clip on Glass Holder by U-nique.

A Wine Gift for your Wine Lover Dad

If you have a dad that loves exploring the world of wine, one sip at a time, a wine gift by WineCollective is perfect for him! Treat him to an all-red box, or a mixed box and delight him with a choice of wines from around the world. He’ll also receive a guide with great in-depth information about his wines and tons of member perks such as education, and a discounted member store where he can reorder his favourites and save up to 50%!

WineCollective’s Father’s Day 2022 Wine Gift

The Best Mother’s Day Experience Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up – and each year you want to find the bestest gift for the bestest mom. Showering her with love is easy. The challenging part is coming up with an original gift, especially if you have a mom who has everything (or at least says that she does). You’ve graduated from DIY-paper flowers (you’re not 6 anymore), tried a box of chocolates (you can do better!), gone with real flowers (which lasted a day) and tried jewelry (never quite to her taste). 

Let us help. Instead of thinking in things, think in experiences. Give Mom the gift of time, for pure relaxation or making new memories together. We’ll give you a few suggestions for Mother’s Day experience gifts.

Treat Mom to a Curated Picnic 

Mother's Day Experience Gifts: a curated Mother's Day picnic

Remember when Mom used to get up at 5 a.m. to start prepping sandwiches, salads and snacks for an epic picnic at the beach? Exactly. It’s time to return the favour. 

First get some nice-looking, sturdy picnic gear (a basket, plates, silverware and a padded picnic blanket), then drop by the deli to get a selection of cheese, charcuterie and crusty bread. If you want to go all-out, prepare these cute individual mason jars or hand pies. Bake this red wine chocolate cake to top it off.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) go through the trouble of putting a picnic together yourself, let a company do it for you. They specialize in organizing fancy, bespoke picnics at idyllic picnic spots in urban parks or away in nature. If you’re in the (greater) Toronto area, we recommend Picnics in the 6ix. YYC Picnics and Proposals operates in Calgary, and Picnic Thyme is in Vancouver. 

Get Mom an Online Course or Masterclass

You may have a mom who is always curious (“No, Mom, we’re just friends”) and loves learning new things (remember that macrobiotic cooking phase?). She’ll love an online course. Udemy has over 18,300 courses, curated by experts in their field. Whatever floats your mom’s boat, there’s a course for it (navigating, perhaps?). If your mother wants to unleash her creativity, we highly recommend Domestika, where she can learn to write science fiction stories, master calligraphy or design green spaces for her home. Masterclass offers online classes from the very best in their field, from vegetarian cooking to space exploration and from screen writing to mathematical thinking. Your smart mom will love this experience gift.

Hire a Professional Organizer

Mother's Day Experience Gifts: an organised kitchen drawer without clutter

Everybody’s busy, and your mom is probably the busiest. Even if her kids have long since moved out of the house, you’d get tired just by looking at her schedule. Gift your mom some her-time by sending over a home organization professional to declutter and harmonize her home. They either work on their own or alongside their client, and sometimes even do a deep-cleaning. These professionals know how to Marie Kondo like no other, and this can give Mom more headspace and calm. We recommend being careful how you present the gift, though: you would never want to give your mom the impression that she’s messy! While this gift might not work for the ultra-neat mothers out there, many others would love a better-organized home (and a nap while that is being accomplished!). 

Book Mom A Winery Getaway

Treat your wine-loving mother to a weekend among the vines that she’ll never forget. You don’t have to jet her off to France or Italy – Canada has fabulous wineries within reach, from the Annapolis Valley to the Niagara Peninsula to the Okanagan Valley. Many offer accommodation on-site – book asap because there aren’t many things in life better than waking up to a vineyard view. A feast for the senses, Mom and her family will enjoy every minute tasting, relaxing and indulging in great food.

Treat Mom To a WineCollective Gift Subscription

Mother's Day Experience Gifts: a WineCollective Gift Subscription

Lastly, may we suggest something that is, in a way, all of the previous tips for Mother’s Day experience gifts combined?

A WineCollective Gift Subscription offers Mom the chance to discover exciting wines and learn a lot of fun things about wine (also, did we mention armchair travel?). Each pack comes with recipe suggestions for perfect food pairings. What’s more, the pack will be delivered to her doorstep. She’ll only have to pop a bottle to start enjoying her gift. So, there you have it: discovery, learning, pure enjoyment and ease, all in one!

You’ll be her favourite this year.

We have a 3 bottle gift pack (all white, all red or mixed), especially for Mom.

Receive up to 30% off the first month of Mother’s Day Gifts.

How to Be Sustainable During the Holidays

Making Sustainable Choices

Many of us are working hard to make changes to be more environmentally conscious these days. This is especially important over the holidays as this is generally a time of greater consumption. There are plenty of improvements everyone can make to ensure less waste is being produced this holiday season. Even small changes to your holiday routines can make a big impact. These changes don’t have to be difficult to implement or affect your holiday traditions. Let’s create less stress by planning ahead with some easy changes and together learn how to be sustainable during the holidays.

Sustainable Gifting Options

Using materials you already own such as fabric, to gift wrap your presents for the Holiday.

One of the greatest sources of waste during the holidays is due to gifting. Rolls of wrapping paper only end up in the garbage or recycling centres, and are only functioning to make gifts look nice and add a layer of surprise. Certainly there are better ways we can gift during the holidays that doesn’t require so much paper! Luckily, there are plenty of options that make gifting more sustainable.

Wrap Gifts With Reusable Materials

Instead of stocking up on new rolls of wrapping paper, utilize materials you already own. This can include newspaper, packing paper, fabric pieces, scarves, reusable shopping bags, and more. Get creative and have fun finding new ways to wrap!

Gift experiences over things

It can be easy to over-gift during the holidays, which can result in lots of product waste. One way to avoid gifting things that may end up in a landfill later is to gift experiences. This often will include a gift card or printed material that you can give, without the waste of excessive wrapping. It’s also a very thoughtful gift to give someone a dinner to a restaurant they love or the opportunity to experience an event, trip, or excursion they’ve been wanting to do.

Gift Sharing

Gift sharing is great for many reasons. Having a few parties contribute to a gift means you can pool your money to gift something more substantial, and it means less physical items are needing to be wrapped and/or shipped. Gifting isn’t about the quantity, but the quality. So this is a great way to give something memorable that is also environmentally conscious.

WineCollective Sustainability

WineCollective has worked hard to implement sustainability measures, and use compostable pulp trays in our wine packages.

We’ve been hard at work at WineCollective to make our wine sharing as sustainable as we can. We ship our wines across the country, but have implemented many changes in our packaging, processes, and shipping practices. These changes have allowed us to make a huge impact on the waste we produce. We’re proud to say that gifting with WineCollective is a great way to give something special, while also being conscious about environmental impacts. Some of the ways we’ve done this includes:

  • Switching styrofoam inserts for compostable pulp trays
  • Choosing lowest impact shipping by using a variety of carriers
  • Shipping in recyclable boxes
  • Offering local pickup in the Calgary area to reduce shipping

Environmentally Friendly Gifting is Easy

Using fabric and other materials to have an environmentally friendly holiday season.

We can all make changes to our gifting this holiday season in order to decrease our environmental impact. Even the smallest change can snowball into larger movements. It is our goal at WineCollective to continue making improvements to our processes to ensure we’re doing all that we can to be sustainable, which in turn helps you! If you are wondering how to be sustainable during the holidays, we welcome you to check out the gifting options we have available. Happy holidays!

Holiday Gifts for Mom

Give Mom Something Special

If there is anyone on your holiday gift list that deserves something great this year, it’s definitely Mom. For all the endless love and help moms give year-round, there’s always a reason to make the moms in your life feel appreciated. With that all in mind, it can be tricky finding the right gift. With endless options online, in stores, and homemade with your own two hands — where does one start? We’ve put together some great ideas of holiday gifts for Mom and hope you find something that will be just right.

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

Dinner at a New Restaurant

A group enjoying a glass of red wine and celebrating.

Does your mom, mother-in-Law, or other loved one have a trip coming up? One special way you can treat them this holiday season is with a gift card to a restaurant somewhere they’re visiting in the upcoming year. This is the perfect time to help them splurge on a nice dinner out. Or maybe there’s a local restaurant they have been wanting to try. Moms are always sacrificing their time for others, so this is a great way to encourage them to take some time enjoying something they deserve.

Splurge on a Group Gift

A couple is having their photo taken on a professional camera.

Sometimes the perfect gift is out of budget. Especially during this time of year, when wallets are stretched to the max, it’s the perfect opportunity to go in on a group gift. Whether you have siblings who all want to treat Mom, or other loved ones who can contribute, getting a group gift is always special. It allows you step up the gift experience to a whole new level! Some holiday gifts for Mom from a group can include:

  • Family photo shoot package with a local photographer
  • A night or two in a nearby hotel for a staycation
  • That extravagant handbag she’s had her eye on for years
  • Upgrading her favourite, most loved item e.g. replacing her well-loved dutch oven or her decades-old leather boots

A Special Experience

There is nothing Moms love more than quality time with their loved ones. The holiday season is the perfect time to give Mom with something to look forward to that you can do together. Whether that’s a trip to the spa, tickets to a concert, or signing up for art classes together — gifting an experience is an unforgettable show of love. Keep in mind Mom’s interests and there is sure to be something special you can plan for and gift this holiday.

Wine Gifts for Mom

A bottle of wine from WineCollective as a gift for your mom this holiday season.

Finally, we think gifting any mom in your life with wine is a classic. But with WineCollective, it’s even more special! We offer a unique wine gifting experience that will ship right to Mom’s door. Our wine gifts not only include bottles, but also great wine education, making WineCollective gifts an experience all on their own! You can even gift WineCollective as a group gift with our extended 12-months of wine option. Truly a gift that keeps on giving! No matter what you gift Mom this holiday season, the important part is showing gratitude and sharing quality time. We hope that no matter where you are, you’re able to do both. Happy Holidays!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Couple

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

In 2021, many couples are choosing to forego the classic gift registries in favour of collecting experiences and monetary gifts to help cover costs for travel, home buying, and beyond. This shift can make finding the perfect wedding gift a little tricky. Which is why we created WineCollective wedding gifts!

Gift for Couples who Live together

Dark coloured paper wedding invitation with "love" written on it, topped with two wedding bands

These days, most couples are already settled into a home together before tying the knot. Less couples are in need of the “classic” wedding gifts, like pots and pans. Most have already been cooking and decorating for months or years. You can still give them something special to help them start their married life together!

WineCollective gift subscriptions are the perfect gift. The newlyweds get to experience, taste, and learn about wine together for months after the wedding. So help them kick-start their new life together with great wine!

Gift for Couples Who Have Everything

A bride and groom holding two glasses of red wine.

With people getting married later in life (even if they haven’t been cohabiting), there are many couples who already have all the things they need. These couples are looking for experiences over material items, and WineCollective is absolutely an experience — not just bottles of wine. Whether this is a second marriage or senior couples, this is the perfect gift to encourage even more, personal celebrations. Each month their wine gift will include:

  • An educational wine guide with tasting notes, winery information, cellar recommendations, and more
  • Many exclusive bottles that cannot be bought anywhere else in Canada
  • Access to our members online store, where even more wine information can be found alongside tons of other great wines to try
  • Digital content including blogs and newsletters which share even more wine education

The WineCollective experience is a unique opportunity for newly married couples to learn more about the wine world, while enjoying great bottles they otherwise would not get to try. We can’t think of a better experience for newlyweds than opening a bottle (or two) after the exhausting wedding process. 

Gift for Best Friends

champagne being poured into champagne flutes on a tabletop

What do you get for the person or couple who has been there for you through it all? When a home improvement store gift card won’t do the trick, we think WineCollective is a wonderful and extra special way to celebrate your closest friend’s new life chapter.

Having wine delivered to your best friend’s door every month, as they celebrate their new marriage, is the best way to show you love them. And if you’re really lucky, maybe they’ll share a glass or two with you once the honeymoon is over. 

A Unique Wine Gift

Don’t stress any longer about giving the best wedding gift. We have you covered! WineCollective wedding gifts are easy to buy, from the comfort of home. Help your newlywed friends and family toast to a long, beautiful life together with a gift from WineCollective.

Wedding Gifts from a Distance

The Best Wedding Gift Idea for 2021

Choosing the right wedding gift can be a tricky feat. You don’t want to give them something they already have, and you don’t want to give them the same thing as someone else! This is made more complicated when you are giving wedding gifts from a distance. Maybe the couple has eloped, there are travel restrictions (due to the global pandemic), or maybe they are having a destination wedding and you don’t want them to have to lug a bunch of big gifts with them on their way home. This doesn’t mean you have to email a gift card or deal with high shipping costs, you can give them a wine subscription through WineCollective.

A Wedding Gift if You Can’t Attend

white paper wrapped wedding gifts topped with pale pink flowers on a table

Ever opened your calendar and realized your free summer weekends are dwindling because of the commitments you already have? Whether you’re double booked, can’t travel to a destination wedding or the couple eloped (and rudely didn’t invite you!), sending a WineCollective wedding gift is the perfect way to celebrate the couple without physically being there.

Get them started on an exciting wine journey, without having to worry about shipping or any other hassle. We have it all covered! 

Send a Wedding Gift Anywhere in Canada

two champagne flutes with etched hearts on them

Can’t make it across the border or across the country to celebrate? Or maybe you are just looking for a unique gift idea that will stand out. You can be a special part of the newlyweds special day, and their new life together with a wine subscription gift. Get it delivered straight to their home anywhere in Canada!

Let the couple toast each other with amazing wine once the chaos of wedding season settles. WineCollective gifts are not only enjoyable to sip, but also include a ton of educational pieces so that the newlyweds can learn while they enjoy their new wine. It’s the perfect date night.

How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift

Mr. and Mr. hanging sign

When choosing a wedding gift for the lucky couple, the general rule of thumb is to spend about as much as they are spending on your meal at the reception. WineCollective wedding gifts are the perfect solution whether you are the only attendee, or you want to pool together with a group to get a larger gift. We have a selection of gifting packages to choose from from a single wine delivery, to a whole year of wine. Best of all, each monthly gift delivery includes:

  • Shipping, packaging, and taxes, so there are no surprises on delivery
  • Many exclusive wines, not sold anywhere else in Canada
  • Wine guides that review each wine’s tasting notes, food pairings, cellaring information, and more

WineCollective gifts are not only easy for you to give, but a great, unique surprise for a new couple to receive for months after their big day.

Send a Wine Subscription Gift

Our hope with our wedding gifts is that you are able to give something really special to people who mean a lot to you. All of us at WineCollective work hard to create exciting wine experiences that we are sure will be enjoyed by the newlyweds in your life. Celebrate new love with a gift unlike any other!

Father’s Day Gift Idea

A Special Gift Just for Dad

Every year we rack our brains for something fun and unexpected to give Dad for Father’s Day. How many tools and grilling recipe books can one guy have?! Thankfully we have put together a great Father’s Day gift idea with our WineCollective gifts! With great options to fit your budget and any Dad, it’s sure to make this Father’s Day the best one yet. Here at WineCollective we’ve always created memorable Mother’s Day gifts, but this year we’re showing up for the Dads too. Because Dad deserves some great bottles and the chance to relax with a glass of wine.

The Best Father’s Day Gift

Preview of the contents of a WineCollective subscription box - a Father's Day gift idea.

There are many reasons why a WineCollective gift is perfect for Father’s Day. 

  • Unexpected: we are Canada’s largest wine subscription service and since this is our first time offering a Father’s Day gift option, we’re pretty sure Dad hasn’t had a wine gift like this before!
  • Education: WineCollective gifts aren’t just random bottles. We provide wine education too, with in-depth online wine reviews and monthly wine guides including tasting notes, food pairings, and more.
  • Sustainable: we are your source for a great sustainable Father’s Day gift. Our shipping materials are compostable and recyclable, while ensuring wine bottles arrive intact. 

There are many more ways that make WineCollective a great Father’s Day gift idea. We offer exclusive bottles that can’t be found elsewhere in the Canadian wine market, which means Dad will be trying new wines. Not to mention, this is the perfect time to surprise anyone who plays a special role in your life: father-in-law, neighbour, uncle, coworker. Everyone deserves a token of appreciation!

A Wine Gift Just for Dad

A glass of wine from WineCollective accompanied by a barbecue for Father's Day festivities - a father's day gift idea.

Our WineCollective Father’s Day gifts at a glance:

  • 3 professionally-curated bottles of wine: all-red or mixed
  • Your choice of gift length: 1, 2, 3 months or 6 months
  • Starting at just $89.99

The first shipment will arrive mid-July and includes three curated wines from around the world, tasting notes, and exclusive member pricing so Dad can revisit his favourite bottles. Shipping is included* and the more months you gift, the more you will save!

  • 1 month $89.99
  • 2 months $179.98 (10% on first month)
  • 3 months $269.97 (15% off the first month)
  • 6 months $539.94 (30% off the first month

*Includes base shipping costs (where allowed by applicable provincial laws), additional shipping surcharges and taxes may apply.

Give Dad a Memorable Gift

A preview of the contents of a father's day wine subscription box from WineCollective.

This is the perfect time to get the best gift for Dad and give him a special treat this Father’s Day. There are plenty of Father’s Day gifting options out there, but Dad will love his very own wine subscription sent right to his door. Make Dad proud this year and share the world of wine.

Very Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift is for More than Just Sipping

Repurposed glass-cut wine bottle holding a bouquet of flowers.

Once again we are celebrating all of the incredible moms who impact our lives. And once again, we are looking for ways to share our appreciation in creative ways. Which is why we’re proud to share our WineCollective Mother’s Day gift ideas! We offer amazing, hard-to-find wine from around the world, but our gifts are so much more. Go beyond the wine and see some innovative ways mom can enjoy her WineCollective subscription.

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

DIY Cut Glass Bottle Craft

The top of the wine bottle has been cut off and it is acting as a vase, holding a bouquet of flowers.

While our favourite way to appreciate wine is to drink it, there are many more ways to enjoy wine (and your favourite bottles). One of which being: displaying flowers! Floral arrangements are synonymous with Mother’s Day and we think there is no better way to display a fresh bouquet than in your favourite wine bottle.

We see so many beautiful, artistic wine labels and it’s a shame to have them end up in the recycling bin. Why not proudly display them? You can keep the entire bottle in tact to hold a few stems, or cut the glass bottle at the base of the neck for a wider opening. There are many online tutorials for wine bottle cutting, including this one that we used. They’re great Mother’s Day gift ideas and a great use for the bottles Mom will have from her new WineCollective subscription.

DIY Candles for Mother’s Day

A DIY candle made inside of a class-cut wine bottle.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of wine bottle cutting (it can take some practice and elbow grease), why not make homemade candles? Once Mom has enjoyed some of her wine, this is a great afternoon activity to enjoy together.

  • By cutting the wine bottles to whatever height you like and carefully sanding the edges, you will have the perfect candle vessel.
  • There are many tutorials available and video guides on how to make candles at home. We love this craft idea and even think it would be a great Mother’s Day gift to present Mom with her WineCollective gift subscription!

Since our gifts start shipping in June, let Mom know she’ll be getting some wine soon. Or wait and make some candles together, when you’re able to.

A Wine Education

A glass-cut wine bottle holding a candle, and another holding a succulent, decorating a coffee table.

Now that you’ve learned the special ways Mom can enjoy her WineCollective Mother’s Day gift, what about the actual wine?! We have been sharing wine with Canadians since 2009 and pride ourselves on not only providing an amazing selection of bottles, but also sharing a full wine experience. Mother’s Day gift recipients receive:

  • 3 bottles of wine (all-red, all-white or mixed)
  • monthly wine guide including tasting notes, food pairings, and more
  • access to special member pricing in our online store
  • sustainable shipping products that are compostable in most Canadian locations

With our special Mother’s Day Package mom will also receive curated recipes with her first shipment.

WineCollective is a great Mother’s Day gift idea because you are not just providing Mom with wine to enjoy. She will learn about wine from her favourite wine regions, and some that she hasn’t explored yet! We can all use some daydreaming about Tuscany or the Andes Mountains. Now is the perfect time to give Mom the best wine experience possible! It’s just what she deserves.

Red Wine Chocolate Cake Recipe

A Tasty Treat for Mother’s Day

Freshly baked red wine chocolate cake cooling in a bundt pan.

It’s hard for us to imagine two more beloved treats than wine and chocolate. So we couldn’t resist combining the two into your newest favourite dessert! Red wine chocolate cake is sure to be your go-to recipe when looking for a decadent way to celebrate. And what is better for celebrating upcoming Mother’s Day? We love how versatile this recipe is; you really just need any dry red. And red wine is something we happen to know A LOT about. Put your favourite apron on and get baking!

How to Bake Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Ingredients for baking a red wine chocolate cake recipe for Mother's day, including eggs, sugar, butter and red wine.


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour 
  • ¾  cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 ¼  teaspoons baking soda 
  • ½  teaspoon salt 
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 
  • 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened 
  • 1 ¾ cups sugar 
  • 2 large eggs 
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
  • 1 ¼ cups dry red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Gamay would all work)

Step 1
Preheat the oven to 350°. Butter and lightly flour a 12-cup bundt pan. In a bowl, whisk the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.

Step 2
In a large bowl, using a handheld electric mixer, beat the butter with the sugar at medium-high speed until fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat until incorporated. Add the vanilla and beat for 2 minutes. Working in two batches, alternately fold in the dry ingredients and the wine, until just incorporated.

Step 3
Scrape the batter into the prepared pan, and bake for 45 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean. Let the cake cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then turn it out onto a rack; let cool completely. Top with your favourite buttercream icing or dust with powdered sugar.

The Perfect Mother’s Day

Red wine chocolate cake sliced beautifully and served with red wine.

Whether you bake this cake to share with Mom, or are lucky enough to have her bake it for you, we know finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be hard, which is why we’ve created easy, unique WineCollective wine packages just for Mother’s Day. If you really want to impress Mom, bake her a cake and send her a wine gift subscription. It’s an unforgettable way to spend time together and show how grateful you are.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

WineCollective’s Mother’s Day Wine Gift Packs include:

  • Three professionally-curated wines – you’ll get to pick whether she receives an all-red, all-white or a mixed pack!
  • Three exclusive recipes in her first box to try out
  • A tasting guide for the journey
  • Member perks such as access to our private store with discounted pricing 

The best part is that you can save up to 30% off of her first month!

Holiday Gifts for Him

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for those important men in your life; even the ones who are hard to shop for. Whether you’re searching for the ideal present for your boyfriend, brother, dad, cousin, or husband, chances are you’ve been stumped on what to buy. At long last, you don’t need to search any further because we have the perfect holiday gifts for him.

Whether your loved one is across the hallway or across the country, sharing a gift from WineCollective this holiday season will have him smiling from ear-to-ear. Easily delivered to his door for one, two, three, six, or twelve months, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving! We admit we’re a little biased in how great our gifts are, so we’ve asked our members to share their personal WineCollective gifting experiences. 

A Gift For The Man Who is Hard to Buy For

A glass of white wine on a table with charcuterie and yahtzee during the holidays.

We know it’s cliche, but men can be tricky to shop for, especially when it comes to the holidays. Oftentimes they’ve already bought everything they need, which leaves you searching high and low for hints. Part of the fun of the season is finding that great gift he would never expect. And what is more unexpected than a shipment of wine, right to his front door?! Our wine gifts include wine selections that aren’t often found in stores across Canada and they’re always a surprise. It’s truly an exciting, unexpected gift each month.

Every month when their gift delivery comes, they take pictures of the bottles as they open them, they give us their thoughts. They haven’t had a bottle they didn’t like in 3 years and we like knowing that their gift is the easiest one on our list every year.


He’s hard to shop for?

A Gift For Distant Family

Profile view of a man taking a sip of red wine.

Gathering during the holidays is something extra special. However, it doesn’t always happen the way you imagine. Especially this year with many people staying closer to home, we’re all searching for ways to spread holiday joy far and wide. WineCollective makes gifting across Canada simple. You can still be a holiday-hero, even from a distance! 

… all our children and families in Nanaimo, Sherwood Park, Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary have our Xmas presents; great wine selected carefully, shipped on time, along with arrival communications. … Right now we’re preparing our notes with addresses, email data, phone numbers, etc. … For us it’s like a miracle and we’re happy as can be. Sincere thanks for your ability to get things done, excellent products and real caring for your customers.


Holiday Gifts Across Canada

A Gift For The Entertainer

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Whether he’s inviting some friends over for a backyard cigar or hosting a small holiday party, the guy who lives to entertain will love WineCollective. While it’s tempting to open up every bottle you receive each month, WineCollective members also save them to share. Whether that’s for gifting individually or to uncork at dinner parties, getting 3 bottles of great wine shipped each month takes the guesswork out of purchasing wine. What more could a host want?! Save him time and get him a WineCollective gift.

We received a gift of five months of WineCollective. The gift was to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary… So far we have collected on the first two months, and the wines have been excellent… What an excellent Christmas present for that special person or a couple in your life.

Rick and Donna

Gift the Ultimate Host

The Best Holiday Gifts For Him

Take some time to relax this holiday season. We’ve definitely all earned it! And take the guesswork out of finding the perfect present. Giving him the gift of wine is not only easy, but memorable and exciting – well into the new year. Find the wine gift that works best for him and send great wine from around the world straight to his doorstep. We’ll even take on the hassle of shipping and the post office for you! Make new memories with the best wine, from WineCollective.

The Perfect Gift for Him

Holiday Gifts for Her

Sisters. Moms. Wives. Friends. We search high and low to find perfect gifts for her during the holidays. Whether she already has everything or she lives on the other side of the country – you’ll be able to show her how much she means to you this holiday season with the help of WineCollective. 

Gift her with the present that keeps on giving – a monthly wine gift subscription. Delivered to her door for however many months you choose, it’s a constant reminder of how much she is loved. We admit we’re biased, so don’t just take our word for it! We asked our members share their own personal stories about gifting with WineCollective.

A Gift Idea for the Woman Who Has Everything

Two women using the WineCollective tasting guide as they taste their monthly wine gifts for her.

There is always that woman on your list who just seems to have it all. When asked ‘What’s on your list this year?’ she likely says ‘Oh, don’t worry about me, I don’t need anything.’ (Very helpful, Mom). But you still want to show her how much she means to you through a holiday gift. This is where we come in; send her a wine gift. She’ll get a monthly delivery of wine which she can enjoy on her own or share with everyone she loves. It’s the perfect gift for your mom, wife, or girlfriend. 

Beats the heck out of a bottle of champagne. So far we have collected in the first two months (four bottles of excellent affordable wines each month) and the wines have been excellent… As a matter of fact we have actually purchased four bottles of the wines we have liked the best to date. We are pleased that we were introduced to WineCollective. What an excellent Christmas present for that special person or a couple in your life.

Rick & Donna

She Already has Everything?

A Gift Idea for the Hostess with the Mostest

A Callipepla Malbec wine bottle sitting in front of a charcuterie board.

Is that special lady in your life always hosting? She loves to have guests over and treat them to yummy snacks and delicious drinks. Give her a truly meaningful gift this year with WineCollective. She’ll receive 3 bottles of wine per month (for as many months as you choose) accompanied by an interactive tasting guide. She’ll love learning about each unique wine and sharing her knowledge with her guests. She could even lead them in a wine tasting. It’s the perfect holiday gift idea for your mom, wife, or best friend.

The wine collective subscription has been the answer to the perfect gift. They love trying new wines and the cards that come with each wine help them impress their friends with all their fancy wine knowledge.


Leave a Lasting Impression

A Gift For The Far Away Friend

A mother and daughter enjoying white wine together.

Many of us have family and friends spread across Canada. Travelling to visit everyone on your list during the holidays can be a challenge. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t spread holiday cheer by sending an amazing wine gift to your Mom in Nova Scotia, and your sister in Ontario or even your wife on the couch beside you in BC. 

I’m retired and have been for about 2 decades, so personal shopping for our family members is extremely limited. At that time of our first order, your phone number was available… and I called to receive the best help for holiday shopping that ever existed. Every November since I make the same call, answered by the same person and through her we buy presents for our family and friends right across Canada.

So that’s our story. One phone call and all our children and family in Nanaimo, Sherwood Park, Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary have our Xmas presents; great wine selected carefully, shipped on time, along with arrival communications.


Gift from a Distance

The Best Holiday Gifts for Her

It’s always our goal to make your holiday gifting experience not only memorable, but easy too. Sending a meaningful holiday gifts to her is as simple as pressing a few buttons. You can avoid the busy malls, and stay safe at home. WineCollective will even battle the post office for you! We know you’ll find the perfect gifts for her this holiday season. Make memories with great wine, from WineCollective.

The Perfect Gift for Her

WineCollective’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

With the Holidays just around the corner we can happily say that this strange year is almost over – which calls for a celebration! Whether you are planning for a small holiday gathering with your closest friends and family, or if you will be celebrating together from afar, we have some great gift ideas that will fit any budget. Plus — we deliver across Canada, reaching most everyone you love. So, let’s get shopping and find the perfect gift!

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100

Online Holiday Shopping

Have a really big wine fan in mind that deserves a great gift? Our 1-month wine gift is a great way to introduce WineCollective to the wine-oh in your life! With 3 bottles of wine (either all red or mixed), sourced from around the world, this introductory pack will get their taste buds going. Our 1-month gift includes all the perks of being a member:

  • Tasting guide
  • Door-to-door delivery with tracking
  • Special member pricing and access to our online store
  • One-of-a-kind wine experience and education
  • Wine you can’t always find in local stores
  • Professionally curated bottles from around the world

At under $100, this is a great wine gift that any wine enthusiast, pro or new, will love. We pride ourselves on sharing the best wine and know this will be the perfect start to a new wine experience from Canada’s favourite wine club.

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $250

Wine Club Holiday Gift

If you’re looking for an even bigger gift, we have you covered! With gifts available in many different increments, a 3-month wine gift is the holiday present that keeps on giving. Your recipient will enjoy wine well into the spring, shipping out: January, February, and March. What an incredible holiday gift! This longer gift includes all the perks mentioned above, from tasting guides, to member only access to our online store, and more. It’s a great way to show your ultimate appreciation! Our 3-month wine gift is perfect for:

  • Group gifts. Pitching in with your sibling? Get Mom and Dad 3 months of wine!
  • New parents. Save them trips to the liquor store for 3 whole months!
  • Teachers. It’s been an extra hard school year so far, so show your appreciation with wine!

No matter who you are gifting to, our wine gifts are the ultimate holiday gift. How often do you get amazing wine, sent right to your door?!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift – A Year of Wine

Wine Holiday Guide

This is the gift for those really looking to blow the socks off everyone. In fact, you’d never be caught giving someone socks as a gift. You’re probably always looking for something exciting and unique to give. Well, we have the greatest gift idea for you: an entire year of wine. 12 whole months, January to December, with wine delivered right to your recipient’s door. Every month includes great WineCollective perks, from tasting guides to wine education. This is the perfect gift for the wine professional who already has an established cellar, or for the wine newbie who is looking to get a start. We provide outstanding bottles of wine, ready to please any palate. So if you’re looking to really impress this holiday season, then the year of wine gift is just what you’re looking for!

Wine Gifting Made Easy

Considering the many options you have available for gift giving, we’re happy to have shared what WineCollective has available. In fact, there’s even more options available that will fit any budget! We’re sure there is a perfect wine gift to fit your needs and we can’t wait to share great bottles of wine throughout 2022 and beyond.

Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List!