2008 Bordeaux Futures

Buying wine futures is an interesting proposition, in the sense that futures are purchased around 2 years ahead of when the wine will be delivered to the public. Futures are a gamble; not unlike the stock market in the sense that buyers hope they are able to get top vintages at fractions of the price once the wine is delivered for consumption. Who buys these futures? Collectors, investors and lovers of fine wine. With the benchmark 2000 and 2005 vintages in Bordeaux, the prices of futures had skyrocketed to a point of inaccessibility for most.

An example – 2005 Clerc Milon was initially offered at a futures price of $64.00 per bottle. Today, I spotted this specific vintage for around $130.00 at a local shop. Since the global economic crisis hit, the price of wine has declined with the exciting 2008 vintage finally returning futures prices back to reality.

WineCollective is pleased to be working with Cork Fine Wine, Spirits and Ales around their 2008 Bordeaux futures offering and would like to extend this to our readers and members. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at thecellar@winecollective.ca

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Image Courtesy of Mescon via Flickr