30 years of Cherry Hill Coffee

Over the last 30 years, one thing has remained for Cherry Hill – a genuine passion for quality coffee. The Okanagan has been home to Cherry Hill Coffee since 1986, when a young Italian fellow, with a love for great coffee, moved to Kelowna and began the micro roastery. After seven years of roasting for local businesses, the roastery was taken over by Don and Francis Bigelow, a couple from Winnipeg with years of experience in the coffee industry. A few years later, Don and Francis retired, leaving the roastery to their two sons, Jeff and David.


Since 2003 Jeff and David Bigelow have used a fresh outlook along with their extensive knowledge in coffee to boost Cherry Hill even further. According to Sales Director, Amber Jones, the pair have “taken Cherry Hill Coffee to new heights,” by extensively expanding their client base, while still remaining true to the same artisan hand roasted coffee that their parents instilled.

Roasting coffee fresh every single day and providing delivery within 24 hours for ultimate freshness, ensures top of the line quality at Cherry Hill. Even more, the brothers have made Cherry Hill entirely Organic Certified, which they feel is simply, “coffee with a conscience.”


Amber, who has been with the roastery for 13 years, says that by encouraging organic farming and roasting, “you are supporting socially and environmentally responsible coffee.” She stresses the importance of coffee lovers having consideration for the coffee farmers and workers in developing parts of the world, where the beans are typically sourced.

“Organic farming encourages sustainability, multi-layered crop production and a rich array of wildlife. These measures guarantee the quality of the coffee and long-term viability of the farms, while reducing their environmental footprint,” Amber says.

January’s Featured Roasts

For CoffeeCollective’s first shipment of the New Year, we decided on two favourite roasts from Cherry Hill. The first, Okanagan Gold is a medium roast of beans sourced from Central and South America. It is Cherry Hill’s most loved coffee and a perfect breakfast blend with its lighter body, fresh acidity and nutty finish.

The Jivaro Dusk dark roast blend is sourced from several different crops in Peru, giving the coffee a very dynamic flavour profile. It is a rich and smoky roast with a viscous body and smooth finish. It is also Cherry Hill’s most ordered dark roast.


Although enjoyed daily by those in the Okanagan, coffee lovers across Canada and the United States are free to taste quality Cherry Hill coffee. You can find all of their roasts online, as well as teas and brewing equipment!

Amber suggests that you try an Ethiopian coffee such as the Tanga light roast. “I love this coffee because it is unique and adventurous. Ethiopian coffees are typically not washed and thus have a more wild flavor,” she says.

Next time you visit Kelowna be sure to pop by Cherry Hill for a specialty coffee, cupping and even a roastery tour. Though for now, visit CoffeeCollective or Cherry Hill to order! Support Cherry Hill and make a difference, once cup at a time!