Around the world with 49th Parallel Roasters

October’s CoffeeCollective roaster comes from, and is called, 49th Parallel. In 2004, Vince Piccolo decided he wanted to have more control of the coffee he was serving in cafes he was then working at. In order to have an eye on quality, he began 49th Parallel in Vancouver, and since then, has sky rocketed in success.

In ten years, 49th Parallel has grown into two cafes and a full on roastery that supplies freshly sourced and roasted beans to cafes across Canada, United States and as far as South Korea.


Green Coffee Buyer, Laura, wrote to us on 49th’s processes and sourcing. In her words, “we want the coffees to speak for themselves when you taste them…. To ensure quality at every step, we need to work with the farmers that are producing these coffees – on site where the [beans are] grown.”

Each month, year round, 49th Parallel buyers travel around the world to find new growers and maintain relationships with existing partners. In doing so, 49th is involved in every process from growing beans to pouring cups of steaming brews. Even more, the personal interactions ensure that the farmers are compensated for their dedication to quality beans.

“We consider ourselves and the growers as partners in giving you an exceptional coffee experience,” Laura says. “We want to motivate, recognize and reward the growers doing the hardest part of the job – and we can not imagine a more sustainable and equitable way to buy coffee.”


In order to keep their roasts fresh, 49th’s roasts are sourced in conjunction with seasonality in coffee production. During summer months, roasts come from beans farmed in the northern hemisphere, from countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Kenya. In the winter however, roasts are common from Rwanda, Peru and other countries in the southern hemisphere.

French Roast

An organic blend of beans for a dark roast. Perfect for espresso or drip and described as “smoky and spicy with low acidity.”

Guatemala San Juan

Laura suggests this roast as a 49th Parallel favourite: “An excellent example of high end specialty coffee from Antigua. It’s very sweet and balanced. We love it!”


For those in Vancouver, you can visit 49th Parallel Roasters together with Lucky’s Doughnuts at two locations. 2198 West 4th or, 13th and Main.

Otherwise, members (WineCollective too!) can find their roasts on the online store at!