9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wine Lover Dad

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start shopping for Dad. We get that shopping for a wine lover dad can be hard sometimes, but we’ve found some gadgets and ideas just for you! We’re sure Dad will love them all.

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad Who’s Always Wine Ready! 

If your Dad is always ready when it comes to sipping on wine, or if he loves entertaining then this all-in-one wine gadget set is calling his name. Equipped with an electronic bottle opener, a vacuum wine preserver, an aerator, and more, this is the perfect gift for a wine-loving dad. The gadgets also come with their own stand to keep everything compact and neat – great for the dad who’s organised, too!

An all in one wine gift set by Ivation. This set comes with an electric cork opener, a vacuum sealer, a foil cutter and an aerator.
The All-in-One Wine Gift Set by Ivation

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That Loves Fun Socks

If Dad’s always raving about socks, and how fun they can be, grab a pair of these wine glass crew socks and watch Dad rock them around the house (with a wine glass of course!) These fun socks have little wine glasses printed all over them – a fitting gift for your wine-loving Dad.

Mens crew socks that are salmon in colour. They have wine glasses printed on them.
Men’s Wine Glass Crew Socks by HotSox

A Gift For the Wine Lover Dad That Collects Tasting Cards 

Is Dad always losing his wine tasting cards? He was sure he put them in that left kitchen drawer… look no further. This wine journal is specially crafted for wine lovers in mind. Each page has a tasting section so that Dad can jot down all his notes for his favourite wine bottles, and always have them in one place! 

A tasting journal from WineFolly.
The Wine Tasting Journal by WineFolly

A Gift For the Wine Lover Dad That Loves Glassware.

If Dad is always looking for new and fancy glasses to sip his wine in, then give him this premium set of Riedel tasting glasses. With the wine lover in mind, each glass is crafted by hand. The glasses are made for different styles and varieties of wine. The tasting experience is out of this world, and Dad will never look back! 

The WineWings tasting set by Riedel. 
A set of four glasses
The Wine Wings Tasting Set by Riedel

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That’s On the Go

We get that dads can be busy, they’ve got a lot to do! Work, boats, golf, wine, more golf – you get it. Since they have a lot to do, a perfect gift for the Dad who’s always on the go is a Yeti Wine Tumbler! It’s an insulated cup that will keep your wine – and other Dad-approved drinks – cool for hours. Gift Dad a tumbler for all his favourite drinks.

The Rambler 295 mL Tumbler by Yeti

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That’s Always Camping

For the Dad that enjoys camping and sipping, this outdoor table is a versatile piece of furniture that he will always want around. Serving as a bottle holder and mini table, it’s portable and perfect for the RV or glamping lifestyle.

Outdoor Folding Wine Table by KLFG

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That Needs to Keep His Wine Cool! 

Is Dad always complaining that his wine bottle warms up too quickly? Is the ice bucket making a mess and leaving water rings on the furniture? Fear not because this wine sleeve cooler is the perfect gift for Dad! This insulated sheet slides over the wine bottle, keeping it chilled for as long as Dad is sipping. The added bonus is that the sleeve soaks up the condensation. No more water rings!

Le Creuset WA126 LC MATT Black Cooler SLE

A Gift for the Wine Lover Dad That Loves to Sip on the Porch!

A wine glass holder that’s perfect for Dad if he enjoys sitting on the porch and soaking in the sunshine and breeze. Or for the dad who loves backyard barbequing! The hook clips onto a regular chair or table to hold a wine glass. Now, Dad doesn’t have to juggle between holding his wine glass and giving you a hug or flipping his steak! 

The Wine Hook- Clip on Glass Holder by U-nique.

A Wine Gift for your Wine Lover Dad

If you have a dad that loves exploring the world of wine, one sip at a time, a wine gift by WineCollective is perfect for him! Treat him to an all-red box, or a mixed box and delight him with a choice of wines from around the world. He’ll also receive a guide with great in-depth information about his wines and tons of member perks such as education, and a discounted member store where he can reorder his favourites and save up to 50%!

WineCollective’s Father’s Day 2022 Wine Gift