A quick tour of the Naramata Bench

Naramata Bench

I was fortunate enough to take a few hours before a wedding in Penticton to tour the Naramata Bench wineries. Well, less of a tour more of a blitz.

It was a stunning day hovering around 28 Celsius (which was a pleasant change from the extended winter we've been having in Calgary). Here's where I went, and also what I decided to pickup (from left to right):

wines from Naramata

On a side note, most of the wines I managed to try showed fairly well, but truly only the whites really stood out. Then again I'm really looking forward to cracking that Reserve Merlot from T7.

If you're ever near Penticton, I'd highly recommend taking a small drive out to Naramata. They have a quaint little town (great coffee shop too), and the scenery is spectacular. Oh and you get the chance to try out lots of wines!