Are Wine Subscriptions Worth It?

Thinking about becoming a WineCollective member or joining another wine club, but you’re concerned about value? We’ll delve into the details, so you can decide for yourself whether wine subscriptions are worth the cost.

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Why would you join a wine club?

Whatever reason you have for joining a wine club, there will always be a wine subscription that meets your specific needs. Maybe you’re a fan of natural wines, and looking for ways to get your hands on them? Or a fan of good deals? Perhaps you’re purely interested in wines from a certain country or region? There’s a wine subscription out there that’s just right for you!!

Subscription services and wine clubs provide numerous benefits:

Discovery & Curation

Let’s face it: discovering new things is fun. Massive overwhelm when you’re standing in front of that wine aisle is not. Oh, the insecurity, the utter confusion! It makes you want to grab the first bottle under your nose and run out of the store. Wine subscriptions provide the joy of discovery – but the curation is done by somebody else. You know that your wine selection is in good hands, and the fun of discovering your favourite new wine is left to you.

Exclusive Access

Some wine clubs give you access to wines that are unavailable in your local liquor store. You’ll be able to taste wines that are rare in Canada, whether they’re small-batch or otherwise exclusive to members.


Are you the type of person who enjoys something more as you learn more about it? For many people, learning about wine (and getting a deeper appreciation for it) is part of their wine journey. Wine subscriptions often provide tasting notes, videos and other educational content to members so that they can learn about the exciting and vast world of wine. 


As a wine lover, you are going to buy wine anyway, so a wine subscription can save a lot of time and effort. The boxes are conveniently delivered to your door – you only need to sign for them. 

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Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Now for the big question: are wine subscriptions worth it? Generally, they are. On top of curation, exclusive access, education and convenience, wine club members often receive great member perks, such as discounts on special sales, access to special events, or limited-time hard-to-find bottles exclusively for members. 

Do Your Research

Before you sign up, it might be helpful to look into a few aspects of the wine club, and see if this is the right fit for you.

Make a list of these things:

  • Is shipping included or excluded in the price?
  • What extras do I get? 
  • How customizable is my wine subscription? Can I choose a selection based on wine colour, number of bottles or can I select all bottles in my pack?
  • How often will I receive shipments? There are clubs that offer monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly packs. Consider how much wine you will drink, and when you will be home to receive it.
  • What is the customer service policy? Will damaged or faulty bottles be replaced or exchanged? Can I skip or pause my subscription without too much hassle?
  • If I’m interested in wine education: what type of wine education does the club offer? Are there tasting notes included with the wine, or even a monthly brochure? Does the club offer recipes if I wanted to pair my wines with dinner?
  • Where are wines sourced from? International? Canada? VQA-certified? Small-batch? Can they be found in the liquor store or are they more exclusive?
  • Does the wine club deliver wines from a single winery or from a variety in a given month’s box? 


As a nice-to-have, it might be a good idea to look into the wine subscription’s values. Are they supporting local industries or charities? You can usually find this information on the wine subscription’s website. Find out how eco-friendly they are – does the shipment arrive in sustainable packaging? Does the club mention any organic wines?

To get an idea of the types of wines that are shipped out to members, you can usually check their store. Here, members can buy previously featured bottles, so you’ll get an idea of the wine selection before you sign up. You’ll see if these are the types of wine you’d typically enjoy.

Lastly, make sure if the wine subscription ships to your province and postal code.

Customers opening wine subscription box

Gifting a Wine Subscription: Is it Worth it?

Everybody loves wine, but instead of just picking up a few bottles at the local liquor store, a wine subscription as a gift is much more than that. You’re giving the gift of discovery, excitement, learning and convenience, for a single month, multiple months or even as long as a whole year.

For the gift giver, it’s as simple as filling out a form – a thoughtful gift without any stress. That’s all we wish for, especially during the holiday season!

Wine Club Brochure

Consider a WineCollective Wine Subscription

All of the above information is helpful when you’re considering joining a wine subscription. It’s good to consider your motivations, expectations and, not unimportantly, your budget. 

Exclusive to Canada

WineCollective offers primarily exclusive wines (not found anywhere else in Canada), sourced from all over the world. Each monthly pack contains 2,3, 4 or 6 bottles, delivered to your doorstep. You can choose from an all-red, all-white (only for the 2-pack) or mixed pack. The pack also comes with a wine tasting guide including tasty recipes and wine pairing suggestions. Members also receive educational content via newsletters and the blog.

Base shipping is included in the price, and we ship to most locations in Canada including rural addresses. We will credit your account for any damaged or faulty bottles, no questions asked. All of this, without a contract: members can cancel anytime!

Member Perks

Access to the member store is another perk: here, members can find past features and exclusive wines not found anywhere else. Members receive 15-50% off the retail price of wine in our online store, with free shipping over $150. WineCollective’s packaging is eco-friendly, and we’re committed to building an environment that values diversity, equality, and inclusion.