Avoid your NYE wine hangover

New Year’s Eve is the most popular day for drinking in Canada. While WineCollective only promotes safe and non-excessive drinking, we do realize that ringing in 2014 may cause excitement and over-indulgence. Unfortunately, with good times and good wine usually come horrible hangovers that will ruin any day – nevermind the first of the year. So, just in case you are the life of the party, here is what you need to avoid the dreaded wine hangover.


1. Stay hydrated

Forget vino, water should be your best friend tomorrow. Make sure to stay hydrated during the day and through out the night. The wine pros at Wine Folly suggest: “With every glass of wine, drink a glass of water.”

Dehydration has the biggest affect in creating a nasty hangover. Be sure to drink a glass of water before bed, after your night of festivities.

2. Eat food and drink slowly

Starting your evening off with a rich and fatty dinner will most definitely help you out in the long run. Also, drinking a glass of milk prior to drinking can coat your stomach if your hangovers usually involve tummy aches.

Wine should be enjoyed. Don’t chug it, or involve wine in any fast-paced drinking game, unless you want a headache before the night is even over.


3. Choose the right wine

There are a few things that influence wine hangovers including sulphites, tannins and congeners – a natural by-product of alcohol fermentation. In order to stray from morning pains choose a wine that is lower in alcohol content and low in tannins dependent on the grape varietal. Tannins are increased with thick-skinned grapes, so sipping on a Pinot Noir or Gamay may be a better option. However, tannins can also be present due to oak and production methods. If you’re looking to avoid sulphites, choose an organic or higher quality of wine as these producers use reduced levels in production.

While congeners are present in all alcohols, darker fluids tend to cause more trouble. Gin and vodka hold less, while bourbon and red wine carry the most making white wine the safer choice.


4. Vitamins and more

Before the party begins take an all around multivitamin, Aspirin, Vitamin B6 or magnesium supplement. While these may help with body or head pains, they do not reduce alcohol in your system, so you will still experience hangover symptoms. If you’re able to open the childproof container of aspirin when you arrive home, take one before bed.

5. Don’t drink

If you know you experience painful hangovers, stay away from alcohol this NYE, or keep it to a minimum. Enjoy a glass of wine at dinner, and of course one for desert. Toast 2014 with a glass of Champagne and then call it quits. That way, you are guaranteed to enjoy January 1st from beyond your bedroom / bathroom.

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New Years Eve is a night to celebrate with great food, dancing, wine and Champagne! But, above all, the team at WineCollective recommends safe travel tomorrow night. Please have a designated driver or taxi take your home safely regardless of how many glasses of wine, beer, vodka, bourbon etc. you enjoy.

Happy New Year!