Become the Next Virtual Rothschild

Fancy yourself as the brains behind the production of a top Bordeaux or Burgundy? With the development and marketing of computer games aimed at gamers becoming railroad or amusement park tycoons, it was only a matter of time before the same concept would be applied to wine. The time appears to be now.

Wine Tycoon aims to put gamers in full control of a French Chateau and takes them through the entire operation around the production of wine. The game retails for about twenty two dollars and is the newest release for producer Got Game Entertainment. From what we have seen, the game looks incredibly detailed as it covers every aspect of the winemaking process from the agriculture all the way down to the choices of varietal blends to make up the end product.

We think it looks like a lot of fun and believe it might be a educational way to expose enthusiasts to the intricacies of being a winemaker. Christmas is just around the corner!

Check out Wine Tycoon here.