The Best Mother’s Day Experience Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up – and each year you want to find the bestest gift for the bestest mom. Showering her with love is easy. The challenging part is coming up with an original gift, especially if you have a mom who has everything (or at least says that she does). You’ve graduated from DIY-paper flowers (you’re not 6 anymore), tried a box of chocolates (you can do better!), gone with real flowers (which lasted a day) and tried jewelry (never quite to her taste). 

Let us help. Instead of thinking in things, think in experiences. Give Mom the gift of time, for pure relaxation or making new memories together. We’ll give you a few suggestions for Mother’s Day experience gifts.

Treat Mom to a Curated Picnic 

Mother's Day Experience Gifts: a curated Mother's Day picnic

Remember when Mom used to get up at 5 a.m. to start prepping sandwiches, salads and snacks for an epic picnic at the beach? Exactly. It’s time to return the favour. 

First get some nice-looking, sturdy picnic gear (a basket, plates, silverware and a padded picnic blanket), then drop by the deli to get a selection of cheese, charcuterie and crusty bread. If you want to go all-out, prepare these cute individual mason jars or hand pies. Bake this red wine chocolate cake to top it off.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) go through the trouble of putting a picnic together yourself, let a company do it for you. They specialize in organizing fancy, bespoke picnics at idyllic picnic spots in urban parks or away in nature. If you’re in the (greater) Toronto area, we recommend Picnics in the 6ix. YYC Picnics and Proposals operates in Calgary, and Picnic Thyme is in Vancouver. 

Get Mom an Online Course or Masterclass

You may have a mom who is always curious (“No, Mom, we’re just friends”) and loves learning new things (remember that macrobiotic cooking phase?). She’ll love an online course. Udemy has over 18,300 courses, curated by experts in their field. Whatever floats your mom’s boat, there’s a course for it (navigating, perhaps?). If your mother wants to unleash her creativity, we highly recommend Domestika, where she can learn to write science fiction stories, master calligraphy or design green spaces for her home. Masterclass offers online classes from the very best in their field, from vegetarian cooking to space exploration and from screen writing to mathematical thinking. Your smart mom will love this experience gift.

Hire a Professional Organizer

Mother's Day Experience Gifts: an organised kitchen drawer without clutter

Everybody’s busy, and your mom is probably the busiest. Even if her kids have long since moved out of the house, you’d get tired just by looking at her schedule. Gift your mom some her-time by sending over a home organization professional to declutter and harmonize her home. They either work on their own or alongside their client, and sometimes even do a deep-cleaning. These professionals know how to Marie Kondo like no other, and this can give Mom more headspace and calm. We recommend being careful how you present the gift, though: you would never want to give your mom the impression that she’s messy! While this gift might not work for the ultra-neat mothers out there, many others would love a better-organized home (and a nap while that is being accomplished!). 

Book Mom A Winery Getaway

Treat your wine-loving mother to a weekend among the vines that she’ll never forget. You don’t have to jet her off to France or Italy – Canada has fabulous wineries within reach, from the Annapolis Valley to the Niagara Peninsula to the Okanagan Valley. Many offer accommodation on-site – book asap because there aren’t many things in life better than waking up to a vineyard view. A feast for the senses, Mom and her family will enjoy every minute tasting, relaxing and indulging in great food.

Treat Mom To a WineCollective Gift Subscription

Mother's Day Experience Gifts: a WineCollective Gift Subscription

Lastly, may we suggest something that is, in a way, all of the previous tips for Mother’s Day experience gifts combined?

A WineCollective Gift Subscription offers Mom the chance to discover exciting wines and learn a lot of fun things about wine (also, did we mention armchair travel?). Each pack comes with recipe suggestions for perfect food pairings. What’s more, the pack will be delivered to her doorstep. She’ll only have to pop a bottle to start enjoying her gift. So, there you have it: discovery, learning, pure enjoyment and ease, all in one!

You’ll be her favourite this year.

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