Blind Tasting Round 2

In preparation for my WSET exam, we had another blind tasting test at the WineCollective office. Pouring two red wines this time ‘round (my specialty), and with another week of education under my belt, I was much more confident!

Paying attention to colour, aromas and tastes can tell you everything you need to know about the wine. If you’re new to tasting, check out our Welcome to Wine blog series for information on varietals and their characteristics as well as regions from around the world.

Similar to last week’s blind tasting, read the notes below and make your own guess as to which varietal and region!

Wine #1 

Eyes: Clear. Deep ruby red core with a slight trail. Thick legs coat the edge of the glass.

Nose: Clean. Ripe cherries and candied fruit. Hints of earthly mushroom with a strong aromas of balsamic vinegar.

Mouth: Dry. Medium acidity and tannins. Sweet red fruits, cheery and strawberry with more of the balsamic notes pulling through.

My guess: New world blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot or Pinot Noir!


Wine #2

Eyes: Clear. Intense medium purple with a faint trail. The legs coat the glass entirely but fade rather quickly.

Nose: Clean. Tobacco and smoke, possibly from oak. Blackberry and clove with more herbaceous notes.

Mouth: Dry. Medium acidity and tannins. Hint of oak spice with fruity raspberry and black cherry shining through on the palate.

My guess: With a ton of tobacco and smoke coming through, I assumed a South American Carmenere.

I am proud to say that this week, I was much closer in my guesses compared to last week’s white wine blind tasting test. Also, our Chief Wine Taster, Amber, didn’t want to trick me… as much.


The Answers!

Wine #1: Considering its fruit bomb qualities, and my guess it was coming a New World blend, I was close! The wine was a 2011 Peacock’s Tail. A Shiraz and Grenache Blend from Australia.

Wine #2: Again I was only half right. The smoke and herbal qualities did speak to South America’s style and the wine was the 2013 Apaltagua Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile.

Keep and eye out for both of these wines in upcoming WineCollective packages and be sure to take part in WineCollective’s online community and leave your own tasting comments and ratings! As well, each of our tasting cards sent with our monthly wines give space for you to make notes for your own records and we’d love for you to share them!