Calgary Film Race

Another year, another film race.

We’re proud to be sponsoring for the second year now the annual Calgary Film Race.

“Film Racing began as a competition called NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness in 2002. Filmmakers from around the country were invited to travel to New York City where they were challenged to create an original short film in 24 hours. The competition was created by Charlie Weisman and Craig Flamm, two New York filmmakers who wanted to create the ultimate filmmaking challenge and answer a question. Can a movie be made in a 24 hours? Not only was the answer yes, but it turned out that making a movie in a day is extremely exciting and inspiring. Since 2002, Film Racing has expanded beyond New York to 20 cities throughout North America and over 2,000 films have been created as part of the competitions.”

Even if you don’t have the time to produce a 24 hour film, there’s a great screening party happening on May 10th at the Uptown Stage & Screen. Find out more about the event, and perhaps take in some of the previous years winners.