Calgary Stampede Wine Garden

Thanks to many hard working Calgarians, the greatest outdoor show on earth is full throttle in cow-town regardless of the recent Alberta floods.

As many of us know, the Calgary Stampede (celebrating its 101 anniversary this year) is full of beer gardens to provide refreshing relief to all. However, if you’re anything like this cowgirl, then you may not be the biggest brew fan. Thankfully, Stampede has us covered with the Western Wine Oasis.


I will however warn you that the air-conditioned miniature paradise may take you away from other festivities. Last year, I celebrated Stampede’s centennial not by watching the Chuckwagon races or eating deep-fried anything, but instead sharing a bottle (or four) with some of my nearest and dearest.


This year, for the next five days of Stampede, I invite you to wander into the Wine Oasis, hosted by Co-op Wine Spirits Beer in the BMO centre. Here you can take a seat and enjoy some of their great selections of “Refreshing and Crisp Whites,” “Easy Drinking Reds,” or even some bubbly.

Many of the wines featured on Oasis wine list are WineCollective favourites including Peter Lehman 1885 Shiraz and Mission Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, but feel free to explore the many varieties and brands available. Prices range from $31 to $99 for a bottle or a 6oz glass from $7.50 to $17.


The Western Oasis truly is an escape from the hustle of Stampede. It is cool, fresh and intimately quiet in comparison to the rodeo. There are cheese and fruit trays to be passed around as well as displayed art and cooking demonstrations.

So before you step into a yet another dirty and packed beer garden (unless that’s your thing), remember that other options are available (options that include seats, tables, real glasses and even a waterfall).

Happy Stampeding!