Calories in wine? Who cares!

Ever wonder how many calories are in that appealing glass of wine? Glamour Magazine posted this image from Pinterest, showing a spiritied way to count calories.

Thankfully, unlike other happy hour bevies wine is one of the most waist-friendly libations you can choose.  fitsugar summed up the calories of some of the most frequently consumed wines, helping us decide if what we are pouring is the best choice for the bikini body.

However, not all wines are created the same! A glass of wine can range from 73 calories to upwards of 200. Dessert wines, with alcohol close to 15%, can contain up to 237 calories, while a medium red or white varietal averages 120 calories. In comparison, your average 12-ounce beer can have more than 200 calories, and even your light beers can still have more calories than wine.

Additionally, wine is low in calories and free of cholesterol, sodium and fat. Also knowing that wine is full of antioxidants helps justify the “Who Cares?” attitude. So, while sitting on your patio maybe leave the beer behind and enjoy a bottle of bubbles, with under 100 calories!

Sip happy, because who cares!