Can drinking wine reduce heart disease?

You've potentially heard the past reports on how drinking up to a glass of wine a day can be good for the heart. But today a report has been released saying even high levels of consumption still reduces the risk of heart disease.

The authors found that drinking between five and 30 grams of alcohol a day, the equivalent to less than one UK unit to almost four units or up to one large glass of red wine, reduced the risk of developing heart disease by half.

The protective effect did not increase significantly the more people drank and those with the highest consumption,11 units or more – the equivalent to over one bottle of red wine a day – still had a 50 per cent lower chance of heart disease.

Needless to say we should all be conscious of our alcohol intake (too much of anything is never good).

You can read the full article on the Telegraph. Oh, and thanks to @VineLiving for the heads up on this article.