Canadian Wine Consumption on the Rise!

We already know at WineCollective that Canadians love great wine; we ship to hundreds of wine lovers across Canada each month. But according to Vinexpo’s report on the world’s wine and spirits consumption, interest is only increasing.


Vinexpo, began in 1981 by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the leading trade fair for the wine industry, with more than 50, 000 attendees in 2011. The ultimate event for industry to showcase, connect, and exchange product, information, and ideas, Vinexpo also conducts frequently updated market research to determine trends and establish effective strategies.

You need to pay to view the full report, but The Toronto Sun published findings relevant to Canadian consumption:

“In the lead-up to its trade fair in Bordeaux, France this June, Vinexpo commissioned a detailed report on the world’s wine and spirits consumption that revealed Canadians go through 15 litres of wine per capita, or roughly 100 glasses per year.

Canadian consumption reached 43.21 million cases in 2011, with one case representing 12 bottles.

… Of course, wine consumption rates are misleading because a small segment of the population consumes a disproportionately large volume of wine. But it is clear that more interest and awareness in wine in Canada is seeing an increase in consumption.

The Vinexpo report suggests that Canada’s consumption rate is growing three times faster than the global average and our nation is set to become the world’s fifth fastest growing market for wine, behind China, the United States, Russia and Germany. Expect more international producers to target our markets. With declining markets at home, French, Italian and Spanish producers will be increasingly looking to sell wine elsewhere.”

This is great news if you, like us, enjoy the palate expanding experience of trying wine from all parts of the world. With Spanish wine month behind us, and features in March from both Italy and France, we love sharing international wine selections, and we look forward to increased access in the future!