Champagne Chair Contest

Each year, Design Within Reach launches a Champagne Chair Design contest. Using only the foil, cage, cork and label of two bottles, winners have managed to create spectacular furniture designs that we wish came in human, and not doll sized form. Below are this year’s winners, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place respectively.




You may have already assumed that these designs are not the easiest to create. In fact, participants are able to use whatever tools they can get their hands on including drills, X Acto and Jewellery knives.

As we can not believe we have never found this contest before, we have decided to launch our very own Champagne Chair Design Contest for WineCollective members! We hope that from recent Champagne and Sparkling WineCollective features, members have some corks and cages still laying around.

Using the materials from two bottles, and which ever tools you would like, we are challenging you to create a chair that you would love to sit in yourself! To participate, simple leave a photo of the chair, as well as a comment on how you built it, materials used, etc, in the comment section below, or, on our Facebook page.

The winner will receive a very special Champagne and Sparkling package, custom created to suit their tastes!

We are very excited to see what you all come up with! For questions, please reach out to us, or leave a comment below.

Happy Champagne Friday!