Chill wine in seconds!

Have you ever arrived home from work with a desperate desire for a glass of cold white wine, only to find nothing chilled in your fridge? We know the feeling all too well and so we searched for the absolute quickest method of chilling wine.

We’re sure you’ve seen the suggestions: add salt to water and ice, or, wrap the bottle in a cold cloth prior to putting it in the freezer. While effective, these methods will only speed up the process from an average 3 hours to 1. With the help of Highfield neighbours, we at WineCollective have found a way to chill wine in under a minute!

We used a bottle of Unduragga Sauvignon Blanc. Sauv Blanc should be enjoyed at 8ºC. Check out the video for our explosive means of chilling wine and find out if we reached the ideal serving temperature.