CoffeeCollective feature: Backyard Beans

This past month, CoffeeCollective members received two blends from Backyard Beans. A “true micro roastery” or mom ‘n pop roaster in Summerland, B.C., named after the roasting location – their backyard. Only a decade ago, the founders of Backyard Beans began roasting in their garden shed. Today, BYB roasts half a ton of coffee each month in their roasting barn.

BYB sources ethical beans from around the world and aims to stay ‘farmer friendly.’  Regardless of the location, beans are of the highest quality and come only from organic farms. BYB promises that while some of their farmers are not certified organic, due to financial limitations for certification, they all follow practices that are environmentally and bean friendly.

Much like the farmers who direct all of their attention into caring for the coffee trees, BYB is recognized for putting their love and values into each blend. Each step in the process from roasting, filling bags and labeling them is done by hand.

For January’s package, CoffeeCollective members were sent two BYB blends.



Medium roast. Spicy then sweet flavours with a big body.

Dancing Goat

South American and Caribbean blend. Deep, dark and rich with mocha tones.

BYB’s core goal is “to live a good life, roast coffee, drink coffee, support small coffee farms, keep our values and integrity alive and not get caught up in all the things that are not important in life.”


Should you share the same ideas (we sure do) then check out the CoffeeCollective store today for your own Backyard Beans shipment.