Cross-Canada Tasting

We frequently talk about Canadian wines, as we are proud to help promote the growth and achievements from the Okanagan Valley to Gaspreau. We recently attended a fun event at Test Kitchen, highlighting producers from BC to Nova Scotia, including some Canadian made liqueurs!

test kitchen

If you are a member of WineCollective or Tannic, you should be familiar with Benjamin Bridge.  From Gaspreau Valley, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers and Peter Gamble produce a line-up of still and sparkling wines. The sparkling wines are produced in méthode classique  and are routinely compared to high-end Champagne houses. They are producing some of the most coveted sparkling wines in Canada. A fun and vivacious (and affordable) option from BB is Nova 7, which we always have in stock at Highfield by WineCollective!  The newly released 2013 is more floral and restrained than previous vintages, we are a fan!


Benjamin Bridge Brut Rose


Winemaker / consultant Peter Gamble 

Further west to Niagara, is Stratus Vineyards. Renowned for their ice wines, but also producing old-world style Cab Franc and mineral-driven Rieslings. Winemaker, Charles Baker, also produces his own Rieslings from vineyards nearby. If you are from Ontario, you will be familiar with these brands, but in Alberta you might have to do some digging, at local boutiques and trendy eateries to find these gems.


We have been following Laughing Stock for quite some time, we recently we given the opportunity to experience their 10 year vertical celebration of their wine Portfolio. In addition to the Bordeaux-style blend, they offer a Viognier that is bench-mark quality for the region, and fun blends that are knock-out value. We will have the newly released 2012 Portfolio in stock at Highfield by WineCollective, late next week!


LFNG Stock’s Blind Trust has the blend hidden under the capsule. Try guessing before you take a peak!

Tyler Harlton is rather new on the scene, opening in 2011, but he is making a large splash! You might have seen an article featuring him and his TH Wines in the current En Route Magazine. He is a young winemaker based in Summerland, but Tyler is not lacking in experience. Tyler, a Saskatchewan farm-boy, returned to his agricultural roots when he moved to Penticton in 2008.  We highly recommend seeking out his first couple vintages, he will surely be a household name in no time.  You can enjoy his Viognier at Alloy in Calgary, and several shops including Highfield by WineCollective.


Tyler Harlton

Canada is not only for wine, there is a market for liqueurs and spirits too! Ungava gin is produced with botanicals native to the Arctic tundra of the Ungava Peninsula in northern Quebec. There is also Cabot Trail Maple Cream, this will give your morning coffee a needed pick-up! Both of these can be found at Highfield by WineCollective in Calgary.


We had the chance to smell the 6 Arctic botanical in Ungava’s recipe!

We love to discover new and exciting Canadian products, let us know if you have any hidden gems that we should know about!