A decade of wine from Laughing Stock


With the 2012 release, Laughing Stock Vineyards is celebrating 10 vintages of Portfolio. Owners/viticulturist/winemaker/partners Cynthia and David Enns are bringing the 10 year vertical across the country, showcasing the growth and changes that can be found in the wine.

Over the past decade there has been many changes at Laughing Stock Vineyards, and within Naramata. In 2003, the first release of Portfolio, Laughing Stock was the ninth winery on the Naramata Bench and today there are over 30. The surge in BC wineries and production is astounding, over 170 new wineries have opened over the past 10 years in the province!


Not only has BC wine grown in volume, but also in quality. Today, more and more BC production is being exported and recognized within international competitions. With another decade under the belt, knowledge of the Okanagan’s micro-climates and terroir help to better understand ‘what is best for where’. Marketing efforts have further propelled the industry, with sub-regions collaborating and pooling resources, like the Naramata Bench.

It is important to look back and reflect on the past in order to gain a better perspective for what lies ahead. The 10 vintages of Portfolio shows a glimpse into the evolution of Naramata, and Cynthia and David’s journey with Laughing Stock.

Winemaker, David Enns speaking to the group.

On the Canadian tour, Cynthia and David are making stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Naramata. On their Calgary visit, WineCollective was hosted at Teatro. Cynthia and David spent time discussing their 10 years at Laughing Stock, and providing great detail into vintage variation and winemaking decisions. You can visit their website to find more detailed information on Portfolio’s 10 year celebration. Look out for the newly released 2012 on WineCollective and Tannic.

Teatro hosted the event, setting the stage for an experience of a decade.
We were given detailed information on  weather reports and winemaking for each vintage.
10 years of Portfolio on display, 2003-2012.