Deloitte wine tasting in support of United Way

This past month, WineCollective joined Deloitte at their offices in downtown Calgary to host a wine tasting fundraiser for United Way.


Deloitte is a leading accounting firm in Canada that provides tax and financial consulting since being founded 1845.  Apart from their professional services, Deloitte is a great supporter of United Way as they set up an array of events and fundraisers for the non-profit organization. Over the past 13 years, Deloitte’s worldwide group and staff have raised over $194 million for United Way. Deloitte’s Calgary offices have done numerous fundraisers for United Way this year including a chilli cook-off and throwing pie at one another’s faces.


Fortunately for WineCollective, many of Deloitte’s Canadian staff are club members. So when Senior Manager, Matt McMillan asked us to help with their wine tasting event, we were happy to take part!


WineCollective’s Amber brought 10 wines to the tasting, which she arranged in specific order for easy tasting (light to full body). From there, the Deloitte staff was free to sample the wines! Amber and I were available for any questions about the wine and WineCollective tasting cards were supplied for tasters to follow along.


The following wines were brought to the tasting.

  1. 2011 Benjamin Bridge Nova 7
  2. 2012 Monte da Ravaqueria Serrana
  3. 2011 Colle dei Venti Pecorino
  4. 2010 Recuerdo Torrontes
  5. 2008 Deep Sea Chardonnay
  6. 2010 Le Roc Blanc
  7. 2010 Brusco dei Barbi
  8. 2010 Versado Malbec
  9. 2010 Casa Viva Carmenere
  10. 2011 Suiker Bossie Pinotage

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 12.46.46 PM

Deloitte’s staff favourited the Suiker Bossie Pinotage, as well as Benjamin Bridge’s Nova 7 and Le Roc Blanc.

We were happy to share our support of United Way with Deloitte and hope the participating staff enjoyed every wine! In all, Deloitte raised roughly $1,700 through the tasting. You can call WineCollective today for more details on your own wine tasting event or fundraiser.