Make Your Own DIY Wine Bottle Hanger

Gifting Wine In Style

The holiday season is also a busy time for visiting loved ones and dropping off gifts to show appreciation. Nothing says “thank you” quite like a great bottle of wine, which is one of the (many) reasons we love WineCollective! With WineCollective we always have a bottle or two on-hand that’s perfect for a hosting gift or last minute gift grab. With giving a bottle of wine though, there is always the moment when you have to decide how to present it. Wine bag? Wrapping paper? A gift bow taped to the side? We’re solving this problem for you this year with your very own WineCollective DIY wine bottle hanger! Gifting a bottle will never look better.

What is a wine bottle hanger?

Custom holiday wine bottle tags by WineCollective.

Wine bottle hangers are a great way to gift a bottle of wine. They don’t require much fuss or supplies, and really let the bottle be the star of the gifting experience. Our DIY wine bottle hangers are super easy to use, whether you have a regular home printer or Cricut. The bottle hanger will simply be placed around the neck of a wine bottle and allow you to add a personalized message. It’s that easy!

Cricut Wine Bottle Hanger

Cricut machine.

For all of the crafty DIYers out there, we are including a Cricut file for you to use. Simply download the file below and upload it into the Cricut Design Space program. Each Cricut machine will work differently, but the file should print easily according to how your individual machine functions. We recommend using thicker paper to ensure the integrity of the design is maintained. Happy crafting!

PDF Wine Bottle Hanger

Are you not an extra-crafty household with a Cricut machine? No problem! Simply download and print the PDF file below on any standard colour printer, and you can also make your very own bottle hanger. After printing the file, cut along the outline (including the hole for the bottle neck) and slip it onto your wine bottle. It’s that easy! Now you’re ready to gift some wine for the holidays.

Give Personalized Wine 

Using WineCollective's DIY wine bottle tags on our favourite bottles of wine.

We know the holidays can be a hectic time. We’re happy to help with an easy gifting option for those last minute visits when you need a gift or token of gratitude to share. Personalizing your wine gift makes it just a bit more special and we know anyone would be grateful to receive something you thought to give. If you’re looking for an even better, more significant wine gift this holiday season, don’t forget to check out our WineCollective holiday gifts! There are plenty of options and lots of great wine to share.