DIY Wine Rack

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Personally I'm not crafty enough to be bothered to make my own wine racks, but here's an interesting idea from Kate Pruitt at Design Sponge. Making a wine rack out of a shipping tube!

DIY Wine Rack

“i wanted to combine a raw material with a neon color, but i must admit i was skeptical about the look of bare cardboard, felt and neon duct tape (side note: duct tape varieties are officially off the hook! so many colors! camo! tie- dye! neon! you simply must buy some and play with it). however, the modern, industrial look is actually quite a nice departure from the fancy (and stuffy) nature of most traditional wood wine racks. if this look isn’t your thing, you can cover the entire frame of this piece with felt or any kind of fabric. the mailing tube is quite sturdy and this can be sized up or down. i encourage you to play around with different styles; after all, the rack cost less to make than one of the bottles of wine it holds (and i buy cheap wine). have fun!!” -kate


Wanna make this yourself? Checkout the full article at Design Sponge.