Featured September Wine

Making the Most of Your Wine Club

Well, we all made it! September 2019 has passed us by and all of our home lives are now a well-oiled machine. We would argue the craziness of September is reason enough to join a wine club, but in fact — we are fast approaching an even better reason: holiday season. That’s right, the perfect time to be in a wine club is during the holidays. Think of how many times in the coming months you’ll be scrambling to stop at the liquor store on your way to a dinner party. Or when your guest list grows and you don’t have time to stock up. Being a WineCollective member means you are ready for all holiday hosting emergencies. We could go on, but instead let’s take a look back at the great wine that got our wine club members through the month of September!

WineCollective Featured Wine

  • Alceño Cibolo — Syrah, Monastrell | Jumilla, Spain
  • Bürgermeister Schweinhardt Weißer Burgunder — Pinot Blanc | Nahe, Germany
  • Le Cirque — Grenache Gris | Côtes Catalanes, France
  • False Bay Old School — Syrah | Coastal Region, South Africa
  • Domaine Sainte Catherine — Syrah, Grenache, Carignan | Côtes du Roussillon Villages, France
  • Black Market Omertà — Merlot | Okanagan Valley, Canada
  • Trius Red The Icon — Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot | Niagara Peninsula, Canada
  • San Gregorio Las 75 Vendimias de Emilio González — Garnacha, Tempranillo | Calatayud, Spain
  • Château de la Roulerie Château de la Guerche — Chenin Blanc | Anjou, France
  • Chiorri — Sangiovese | Umbria, Italy
  • Closson Chase The Brock — Chardonnay | Niagara River, Canada
  • 2km — Malbec, Cabernet Franc | Paraje Altamira, Argentina

We hope you loved the wines you received and members don’t forget: shop the WineCollective online store to stock up on your favourites from the month. If you aren’t a WineCollective member, you’re missing out on some really great wine! What are you waiting for?! See you next month when we recap all the amazing October wine or check out last month to see what else we shared!