Give the gift of water through CAWST

This Holiday season, WineCollective is proud to be partnered with CAWST – Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology. When you purchase a Holiday Gift from WineCollective, we will donate $2 to CAWST. You can choose to increase your donation  by $10 or $20 by using the coupon code “CAWSTTEN” or “CAWSTTWENTY”,  and help support the provision of  clean water to families around the world.

Your WineCollective gift comes with other bonus gifts, as well as a customized gift letter and email that will include information on your donation to CAWST. All additional donations of $20 will receive a tax receipt from CAWST. WineCollective will provide the contact information to CAWST to distribute charitable tax receipts.

CAWST’s vision  is a world where people have the opportunity to succeed because their basic water and sanitation needs have been met. Half the world lives without clean water or basic sanitation. Globally, lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene kills more people each year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Access to clean drinking water and sanitation is directly related to health and economic well-being. Families without access to clean water and basic sanitation face sickness and disease, increased health costs, and lost opportunities for gaining an education and earning a living.

Since 2001, 6 million people in 63 countries have been reached with safe drinking water and basic sanitation through CAWST and its network. CAWST has a high impact per dollar invested:  $2.47 per person impacted. CAWST works to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries.  By building knowledge and skills locally, people in developing countries learn to create affordable and sustainable water and sanitation solutions for themselves. They in turn train many others –  local communities and individuals – to implement solutions, creating a ripple effect.

Learn more about CAWST and their initiatives at