Green beer or bubbles?

When given the choice of green beer or green Champagne, the WineCollective team will always reach for bubbles – even on Saint Patrick’s Day! While the Irish may be more famous for their beer intake over wine production, we think crafting flavourful green bubbly cocktails is a much better route than indulging in food colouring.


Liqueurs like Midori and Crème de Menthe create a vibrant green colour that does not diminish when mixed with bubbly wines. So, for wine lovers looking to celebrate on March 17th with their Irish friends, here’s some delicious bubbly cocktails that won’t leave you feeling left out, should you choose to pass on green beer.

We’ve recommended both a sparkling wine and Champagne to use in these cocktails, both of which are available in the online store, and at Highfield by WineCollective.


Sparkling Wine: Undurraga Brut

WineCollective member price: $15.50

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Orange blossoms, apricots, peaches and green pear aromas and flavours with vigorous yet delicate bubbles. Textured and weighty, this sparkling has all of the components necessary to stand out in a cocktail.


Champagne: Liebart-Regnier Brut

Member price: $46.80

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Citrus and pink grapefruit with apples and pears. Soft bubbles and a touch of minerality make this a complex and finessed Brut Champagne.

Midori Mimosa

Skip the OJ, Midori is a sweet melon liqueur that works as a mixer for this mimosa cocktail. Use the recommended dry sparkling or Champagnes, or similar styled bubbles, as the liqueur is sweet enough to lift the character of the wine.


Pour 1 oz. of Midori into a Champagne flute and mix in 1/3 oz. sweet and sour bitters. Then, add 4 oz. of either Champagne or sparkling wine!

Minty Citrus Irishman

Ireland is not only known for its green lush meadows, but also its orchards and of course, WHISKY! This cocktail celebrates Ireland while of course, adding in some bubbly flair. Fruity, minty and green!


Pour the wine into a flute glass about half way. Add 1 oz crème de menthe, 1 oz citrus or pear liqueur and 1 oz Irish Whisky (we recommend Writer’s Tears).


If you try a yummy green drink next Tuesday, be sure to send us a picture on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. We love to see what our members are sipping on!

For the next week, March 10th – March 17th, members will receive 15% off all products mentioned in this blog including the Undurraga Brut, Liebart-Regnier Brut, and Writer’s Tears Irish Whisky at Highfield by WineCollective.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Sláinte!