Holiday Gifts for Mom

Give Mom Something Special

If there is anyone on your holiday gift list that deserves something great this year, it’s definitely Mom. For all the endless love and help moms give year-round, there’s always a reason to make the moms in your life feel appreciated. With that all in mind, it can be tricky finding the right gift. With endless options online, in stores, and homemade with your own two hands — where does one start? We’ve put together some great ideas of holiday gifts for Mom and hope you find something that will be just right.

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

Dinner at a New Restaurant

A group enjoying a glass of red wine and celebrating.

Does your mom, mother-in-Law, or other loved one have a trip coming up? One special way you can treat them this holiday season is with a gift card to a restaurant somewhere they’re visiting in the upcoming year. This is the perfect time to help them splurge on a nice dinner out. Or maybe there’s a local restaurant they have been wanting to try. Moms are always sacrificing their time for others, so this is a great way to encourage them to take some time enjoying something they deserve.

Splurge on a Group Gift

A couple is having their photo taken on a professional camera.

Sometimes the perfect gift is out of budget. Especially during this time of year, when wallets are stretched to the max, it’s the perfect opportunity to go in on a group gift. Whether you have siblings who all want to treat Mom, or other loved ones who can contribute, getting a group gift is always special. It allows you step up the gift experience to a whole new level! Some holiday gifts for Mom from a group can include:

  • Family photo shoot package with a local photographer
  • A night or two in a nearby hotel for a staycation
  • That extravagant handbag she’s had her eye on for years
  • Upgrading her favourite, most loved item e.g. replacing her well-loved dutch oven or her decades-old leather boots

A Special Experience

There is nothing Moms love more than quality time with their loved ones. The holiday season is the perfect time to give Mom with something to look forward to that you can do together. Whether that’s a trip to the spa, tickets to a concert, or signing up for art classes together — gifting an experience is an unforgettable show of love. Keep in mind Mom’s interests and there is sure to be something special you can plan for and gift this holiday.

Wine Gifts for Mom

A bottle of wine from WineCollective as a gift for your mom this holiday season.

Finally, we think gifting any mom in your life with wine is a classic. But with WineCollective, it’s even more special! We offer a unique wine gifting experience that will ship right to Mom’s door. Our wine gifts not only include bottles, but also great wine education, making WineCollective gifts an experience all on their own! You can even gift WineCollective as a group gift with our extended 12-months of wine option. Truly a gift that keeps on giving! No matter what you gift Mom this holiday season, the important part is showing gratitude and sharing quality time. We hope that no matter where you are, you’re able to do both. Happy Holidays!