Hosting a party? How much wine will you need?

Here is a simple way to calculate how much wine you will need for your Holiday soirée. Of course, some important factors that aren’t mathematically calculated will come into play. Are your friends wine-o’s or beer-o’s? Will there be a professional pouring the wine (the conservative 6 glasses per bottle) or will Cousin Daryl be filling every glass to the brim?

After taking into consideration your crowd and their partying past, follow these easy steps to ensure no glass goes empty.

One bottle of wine is 24oz

A standard glass of wine is 4oz

There are 6 glasses of wine per bottle

The general rule of thumb is to assume each guest will consume one glass of wine per hour. So, multiply the number of guests (if you know some people will not be drinking, do not include them) by the number of hours you are hosting. If you aren’t afraid of having a few extra bottles, add 15% more to make sure you won’t run out!

Kenaston Wine Market gives you some more suggestions depending on whether you are having a cocktail event, sit down dinner or planned tasting. The drink calculator from Evite, is a quick and easy way to decide on how many bottles depending on the ‘level of drinkers’ at your party. If you really want to be prepared, visit Table & Vine to break-down the types of alcohol and how much of each to purchase.

Now that you have figured out how much wine, you need to decide on what wines to serve? Take a look at some of WineCollective’s Holiday wine pairing tips and ideas.  WineCollective members can also visit our online store to purchase wines that have been featured in previous WineCollective packages. Read the tasting notes, and food pairing suggestions before you buy (and save 10% off of retail prices). All orders placed before Friday, December 15th will be delivered before Christmas!

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