Infographic: A Year in The Vineyard

A vineyard’s annual cycle is something to marvel at. A barren field in winter which transforms into a green spectacle at the end of summer, abundant with heavy, perfectly ripe grape bunches. 

In this infographic, we’ll have a look at what happens in the vineyard from month to month. Remember that it’s a cycle: each year, grapes grow from the green shoots that emerge from canes or spurs, the (now) woody shoots from the previous year. Every stage offers promise for making great wine, but presents specific challenges as well. Read on to learn more about how grapes come about – it can give you a deeper appreciation for what’s in the glass! 

As we’re following the northern hemisphere vine cycle this year, we’ll update this infographic on a monthly basis. So check back often to learn what’s happening!

The first stage is bud break, the exciting new ‘beginning’ of each growing cycle.

budbreak in the vineyard
Shoot and leaf growth in the vineyard infographic
infographic of flowering in the vineyard - what is it and what are the challenges?
infographic showing what happens to a vine during green harvest

Decisions in the vineyard

While much of a wine’s character is determined by the grapes themselves, grape growers have a great deal of influence as well. During the entire growing phase, they make all sorts of decisions impacting the grapes: how to trellis or prune the vines, how to protect them from frost, hail, or heat, as well as from intruders in the vineyard (bugs, birds and the likes). Ultimately, it’s Mother Nature who calls the shots, but when perfectly ripe grapes eventually reach the cellar, it’s the perfect starting point for making great wine. You must’ve heard the tired saying “a great wine is made in the vineyard”, but it’s true!

Stay tuned for future infographics that shed light on what happens in the cellar, the ‘other’ side of great winemaking! 

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