Introducing BlackSquare Inc.

We here at WineCollective are very happy to introduce BlackSquare Inc. to our members.  BlackSquare is the parent company to WineCollective and up to this point, it has gone unnoticed, a silent partner. We like to describe BlackSquare as a hybrid tech company – we have a technology side of the business and then we have a “real” side where we interact with businesses and customers through our strategic partner Willow Park Wines & Spirits

The website is an important business line to BlackSquare. As most of you reading this know, it operates as the online engine for an educational wine club in Alberta. What probably isn’t as well understood is that over the past two years we have been developing the proprietary technology behind the site. The technology that allows us to show all of the wines received, enable community rankings and also integrate essential back-end features such as logistics, accounting and operational supply issues.

That technology is called Vineyard and is another element of the BlackSquare business. Our goal is to take this product which we have refined under the banner and export it directly to wineries globally who have the need for a custom built solution to solve their e-commerce problems. We know it works because we use it!

The third leg of the BlackSquare business model is Tannic. Launching soon, is the first of its kind in North America.  It is an invitation only portal for super-premium and collectable wines & spirits in Alberta. Members can order from a small, curated and constantly rotating selection of the finest wines & spirits at prices far better than what can be achieved through conventional retail channels. We invite any of our current WineCollective members who are interested in learning more about Tannic and potentially applying for a membership to visit within the next few weeks for the chance to join up before it goes live.

Stay tuned for a lot more news on BlackSquare, and all of our business lines over the next few months. WineCollective members should expect some extremely exciting news in early May and get ready for more technological and design improvments to the site in the coming months!