Introducing Canada Craft Club

WineCollective is expanding it’s palate… to beer! For Craft Beer enthusiasts across Canada, we are thrilled to introduce, Canada Craft Club!


Much like WineCollective, Canada Craft Club is an education subscription service aimed at providing members with unique, hard-to-find brews from around the world. Packages range from 2-6 large format beers per month (650mL & 750mL).

What do you get with Canada Craft Club?
1. Access to limited release, small distribution, exclusive and new-to-market brews!
2. Courier delivery to your door via Canada Post or FedEx.
3. Tasting cards on every Craft Beer that you receive, explaining unique details about the brewer and the style of beer.
4. Expertly selected beers retailing between $12 and $18.


Canada Craft Club also has Holiday Packages! Select a package for a beer-loving friend anywhere across Canada, available until December 31st! These holiday gifts also include bonus value with additional perks and offers.

Who will love Canada Craft Club? 

– Beer enthusiasts who are looking for newest, coolest and tastiest

– People who want to learn more about beer – we provide all the information.

– Craft lovers who live in remote locations, with limited access to world-wide selections.

– Those overwhelmed with all of today’s Craft Beer choices. Let us do all the hard work for you!


For any questions about Canada Craft Club, visit the website today, or email in at

For WineCollective members wanting to join us in our beer adventure, use the coupon code WINEANDBEER for 10% off your purchase of a subscription or gift!