It’s Wedding (Planning) Season

It may not be summer yet, but “Wedding Planning Season” is in full swing.  The Calgary Wedding Fair took place in January, and many summer brides have moved onto planning their menus and wine lists.

Our partner, Willow Park Wines & Spirits is having a “Wedding Planner” event on Saturday March 19th at 2pm.  Attendees can sip Champagne, taste a variety of wine and learn about options for their wedding wine & spirit needs.

WineCollective’s packages are versatile enough to be used in a variety of wedding related events. We don’t often toot our own horn, but we’ve had some fantastic feedback from customers over the past couple of years on how great of a wedding gift a WineCollective package is.  So here is a little advertorial.

  • Looking for bridal shower ideas? Purchase an Evolution or Indulgence gift package and have a self-directed wine tasting at the shower. Our professional tasting notes will lead you through a tasting and give you a guaranteed party hit. Wine + a bridal shower = fun (or trouble!)
  • WineCollective subscriptions can be used for wedding gifts (the gift that keeps on giving!) or by the bride & groom after their wedding to build up a cellar.
  • Looking for bridesmaid and groomsmen gift ideas? WineCollective gift packages (buy any number of months you want) are a perfect fit.  I can honestly say that I wish WineCollective was around at my wedding, because my groomsmen didn’t get the gift of extraordinary wine!

/advertorial (but we hope that gives you all some gifting ideas)