Moroccan Wines

This BBC article is interesting read about Moroccan wine producers.

That is a bit of a curiosity because Morocco isn't a well known wine producing region despite its suitable Mediterranean climate and is of course an “Arab” country (as quoted by the BBC) which tend to restrict alcohol consumption.

There is a long history of wine production in Morocco, stretching back to the Phoenicians around 1000 BC. More recently, while Morocco was a protectorate of France, the French planted “hundreds of kilometres” of vines for domestic consumption as well as for export back to France. Morocco currently produces about 300,000 hectolitres of wine per year, with only about 1,000 hectolitres exported. That compares to French wine production of about 55 million hectolitres and Canada at 500,000 hectolitres.

So while there may not be a huge amount of Moroccan wine exported, there is still a chance it could be featured in an upcoming WineCollective package!