No Corkscrew, No Worries



 has great ways to open that wonderful bottle of vino without a corkscrew. And in all honestly, how useful! How many times have we been stranded out camping or on vacation and we don’t have a corkscrew.

It seems funny how it is so easy to forget that corkscrew but we never forget the wine! Wiki describes many ways to open a wine bottle but I think the most convenient and easiest way is the “Hit Method”:

  1. Wrap the bottom of the wine bottle with a towel and place phone book (probably any soft book) against a wall or tree.
  2. Hit the bottom of the bottle against the wall or tree.
  3. The cork should have partially come out, then remove it with your hands.

Some of their other suggestions include: cheap wire coat hanger, 2 paperclips and a pen, finding a bicycle hook, leather bootlace, corn on the cob holder and 5 nails & a hammer. Check it out here, or even let WineCollective know if you have your own way without a corkscrew!