Our New Packaging

Most people who received their June shipment will have seen our new and improved packaging.  The boxes are essentially the same, but the inserts are custom built for wine shipment by our friends at Beaver Plastics and are made in Canada!

They are made out of EPS (expanded polystyrene) and bear the number 6 recycle number. They are fully recyclable, where facilities exist (each Alberta community is different).

The new shippers are what we call “bullet proof”. We have conducted extensive testing with a number of different alternatives and picked this solution because of its robustness but also its reusability.

We love our packaging and think that beyond just getting your wine to you once a month, it can be usefully reused as well.

  • They are fantastic if you’re going camping or to the cabin. You don’t have to worry about breaking your wine and you have something to store it in on arrival.
  • Bringing wine on a road trip? Can’t ask for a better or more convenient packaging!
  • Also a useful storage unit for around the house (but we wouldn’t recommend aging wine in it)

We’re going to be putting a few videos up on the blog within the next couple of weeks.