Rain! That’s good! Oh wait, more rain?


There is nothing like June in Calgary, part spring, part winter, part summer. With the days varying between 27/sunny and 10/raining, we're starting to get into the decent growing season for vegetables.

While we haven't been able to do much in the WineCollective Urban Farm recently, what with the mud, we were able to get some planting done earlier in the sun. The picture above shows our potato plants in full leaf-out. They are looking healthy and loving the cool, rainy weather. Also loving the weather is our mesclun mix of lettuce and two different types of peas. Both types of peas (sugar & snap) have edible pods which means by the time we do the July WineCollective wine tasting, we'll be feasting on organic locally grown peas in-between sips of wine!

Tomato + Peas

The pumpkin plants and our green pepper plant (and to a lesser extent our tomatoes) haven't been enjoying the soggy weather. They all need heat in order to thrive, and while having plenty of ground moisture is great, with Calgary's short growing season we really need the heat. And we've had enough rain now thanks. Some farmers are starting to worry about the constant rain. We're not at that point yet, but unfortunately, this has been the worst spring for urban gardens in at least 3 years, perhaps since the floods of 2005.