Rebuilding the Calgary Zoo

By purchasing one of our WineCollective 2013 Holiday Packages, members were also supporting a great local cause. Rebuild the Zoo is a new charity administered through the Calgary Zoo, raising funds in order to undo the damages of the devastating 2013 Alberta Floods.

Last summer, 32 acres of the Calgary Zoo were flooded, wrecking buildings and much of the grounds. As the river continued to rise, St. George’s Island was engulfed.


We are animal lovers here at the WineCollective headquarters, and considering our downtown office was shut-down during the flood and some of our own homes destroyed, we wanted to contribute to the Calgary Zoo’s reconstruction. With the help of our holiday gift purchasers, we were able to make a generous donation to Rebuild the Zoo, a project estimated to cost $50 million. For each month purchased of our holiday packages, $2 was donated to Rebuild the Zoo.

After a summer underwater, the Calgary Zoo was able to open its doors on November 28, 2013. With continuing donations to the foundation, renovations and future plans to keep the grounds safe from future floods are still underway.

RebuildtheZoo (1)

WineCollective would personally like to thank everyone who purchased a holiday package this past holiday season and we hope you get the chance to visit the newly renovated Calgary Zoo.

Interested in donating to Rebuild the Zoo? Find out how!