Responsible Drinkers Are Happier People, Study Claims








Just when you think it’s not possible to love wine even more, Wine Spectator posts an alluring study, “Drinking alcohol in a consistent, responsible manner is linked to an overall improvement in health and well-being”. Could this give us just another excuse to enjoy wine? Yes, but responsibly, of course! Along with the health benefits of wine, people who drank sensibly “also reported feeling happier and had fewer complaints compared to non drinkers and former drinkers”

Also, interestingly enough posted an article around the topic of wine being good for you and pokes at the idea of how “wine’s social aspect could also be health-giving.”

Maybe it does have to do with the social aspect because in reality, “how often do you use wine as a means to relax, improve your mental state, rest or improve interaction with other people?” as put by

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