Share the gift of wine this Valentine’s Day!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can’t help but think of the vast romantic history of wine. Great for any occasion, an excellent bottle of wine is practically a requirement for the one day completely devoted to love. Of course, we believe good wine is a necessity for any day, but we love the holiday for reminding us how wonderful it is to be romantic. Why limit yourself to just the 14th?


If you’d like to make Valentine’s Day an ongoing occasion this year, why not share a WineCollective gift package with the special person in your life? We’ll help you give the promise of romance; set aside some time for each other every month, and we’ll bring the wine for date night right to your door!

Let us take care of all the details. Purchase a gift for your significant other (make sure you include a romantic personalized message!) and we’ll send an email on your behalf welcoming them to a great wine experience. From now until the end of February, take advantage of our VALENTINE5 coupon code to receive $ 5.00 off any subscription or gift package.

You still have two days left to get your wine for mid-February. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the holiday with our Spanish Wine Month features! If you are looking for more great Valentine’s gift ideas, WineAccess has some suggestions that would pair perfectly with your WineCollective package!

On behalf of all of us at WineCollective, we wish you and those you love a happy Valentine’s Day.