Support the care of Alzheimer’s patients with The Bellini Foundation and South by Southwest

One of WineCollective and Tannic’s go-to representatives, South by Southwest Wine Imports, is aiming to make a difference for the future of Alzheimer’s patients. Partnered with the Bellini Foundation, all funds raised in sales of the 2010 Passione e Visione will be donated towards the care of those suffering with Alzheimer’s in Alberta


This month, SBSW is launching a special wine from Domodimonti, a winery in Marches, Italy, owned by Dr. Francesco and his wife, Marisa Bellini. Apart from his wine expertise, Dr. Bellini, an Italian, Canadian doctor, is recognized for life changing medications not only for HIV but also, for Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Bellini is credited for the 3TC Epivir, a Hepatitis C vaccine that prevents HIV from turning into Aids. He is also known for his drug, Alzhemed, which prevents beta amyloid from forming abnormal growth in the brain that is linked to the fatal Alzheimer’s disease.


There are over 800,000 people in Canada living with Alzheimer’s disease, a number that is projected to double by 2030.

In hopes of one day finding a cure and in the meantime caring for those suffering with Alzheimer’s, SBSW and the Bellini Foundation are donating $20 per case sold of the Passione e Visione 2010 to support the care of Albertan’s living with Alzheimers.

We would love to join SBSW in their mission by asking our members to take part in this charitable donation by purchasing Passione e Vissione through In exchange for a premium wine, your donation will help in caring for those with the disease today.

Below are SBSW’s tasting notes on this upcoming feature.

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 2.30.23 PM

2010 Passione e Visione

Grape: Petite Verdot

Eyes: Deep ruby red

Nose: Expresses notes of violet and red berry jam, perfectly harmonized with underlying aromas of leather and spice.

Mouth: The wine is delicate and well structured on the palate without any roughness. The soft and enveloping tannins give it harmony and elegance.

Food Pairing: Decant for an hour and serve alongside barbecued lamb chops, roast duck and aged cheese.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming opportunity of purchasing the Passione e Visione on Tannic and through South by Southwest Wine Imports at local retail locations. You can expect to see the Passione e Vision in the Tannic store later this month!

For more information, or to pre-order cases of the delicious Domodimonti feature, contact WineCollective or Tannic today.