Sweet and popular Moscato

Younger generations in North America are taking a liking to Moscato wine, often described as, “a glass of sugar.” Although Moscato varieties can grow almost anywhere, its roots begin in the region of Piedmont in northwest Italy. While it was usually deemed too sweet for old Italian men, who typically prefer their full-bodied reds, the floral and fruity “Muscat aroma” has become increasingly popular in North America.


There are many Moscato varieties besides those found in Italy. Muscat blanc and Zibibbo are most recognizable yet Moscato Giallo (red variety of Muscat blanc) and Orange Muscat are also well known. There is also Moscatel de Setubal, Portugal’s variety and Muscat Ottonel found in Eastern Europe. Regardless, these grapes all have similar characteristics.


Bubbly, with a low alcohol content (usually between 5 and 8%) and an inexpensive price tag, Moscato has been classified as a favorite for celebrations. It has been mentioned in numerous rap and hip-hop songs by artists like Jay-Z and Drake, no doubt adding to its trendy take-off in sales.

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Even female rapper, Nicki Minaj has taken a dive into the Moscato market. Recently, signing not only to be the face of Myx Fusions Moscato, but also part owner. Sales have taken off in the United States as the company is pushing to expand their mixed bottled drinks worldwide.


Here is what makes Moscato so enjoyable:

Eyes: Straw yellow in colour with tinges of gold (potentially why its loved by the hip-hop genre).

Nose: The famous “Muscat aroma” can be filled with orange blossom, honeysuckle, ginger, green grapes, citrus and always juicy peaches.

Mouth: Fruit forward and easy to drink as long as you like sweet. Not overly acidic with flavours of pear and apple to orange and limes. Peach and apricot almost always present.


Food Pairing: Moscato is very easily enjoyed on its own at a chilled temperature of 7° to 10°C. It does however go along with apple tarts beautifully, as well as meringue pies and lemon cakes. Besides desserts, Moscato can be paired with summer salads, brunch or antipasto appetizers. Wine Folly even suggests Chinese food to go along with Moscato.

WineCollective has featured Moscato wines such as the 2010 Cavit Collection Moscato, which is only $12 and the very popular 2011 Massolino Moscato d’Asti at $15. We recommend you keep an eye out in your package for Moscato bottles in the future.


Moscato’s popularity is indeed on the rise, even if it is due to the influence of America’s biggest rap stars. However, there is no doubt that the wine is an absolute pleasure to drink during the summer months. Wine is becoming increasingly popular with youth, so light and fruity Moscato is an ideal start into the wine world.