We are shipping across Canada

Have you heard the great news? WineCollective is now able to ship everywhere in Canada. We are super excited to be able to bring our wine experience to all Canadians! And for our current Alberta members, we can now ship all your wine gifts to family and friends in every province.

The Canadian orders have started coming in, so spread the word! Everyone has until midnight of Saturday, June 30th to place orders and receive July’s wine package.

You can learn more about the passing of Bill C-311 from BlackSquare‘s article, “How does Bill C-311 impact online direct-to-consumer winery sales?”

The previous law forbade individuals from bringing any type of liquor (including wine and beer) into another province. Only liquor control boards of each province and certain licensed bodies – such as distilleries – were allowed to import alcohol. Most of the act dated back to the anti-liquor laws of the 1920s prohibition era.