Website changes


That is one old stove. Maybe it’s time for a new one?

Since launching just over two years ago, the technology that WineCollective has been running on has remained mostly unchanged. A lot has changed in that time, and we’ve placed a lot of bandaids on keeping everything up to date. Today we’re taking our first steps into version two.

For the most part you shouldn’t notice too many differences, however we’ll be rolling out some improvements over the next little while. In the meantime a few “quirks” you may notice:

1. You’ll need to reset your password (for security reasons we’ve had to reset everyone – sorry)
2. My Wines and history of each wine you’ve received is currently offline, yet will be returning shortly.
3. There might be a few bugs.

Our main goal with this new progressive release is to really tighten up our entire experience. We hope in the meantime you hang tight and let us know of any issues that you might run into.

Thanks for your patience, and continued support!

PS. I took this photo of the “Enterprise” stove while vacationing in Revelstoke (I went paragliding!). You just don’t see design like that anymore.