Welcome to Wine – size matters

We at WineCollective avoid pretension when it comes to wine. While we don’t agree with most “wine snobs” that a glass shape and size exists for every grape, we will say that the stemware can have an effect on the flavour and aroma of wine.


The crystal glass material used for wine glasses since the 17th century can be shaped specifically to showcase the bouquet, texture or mouth-feel, flavour characteristics and finish of a variety. The bowl shape, stem and rim diameter of the glass all play a part in enhancing taste.

With every glass we recommend the following:

  1. Ensure the rim of the glass is completely smooth without a sharp or thick edge it should be barely noticeable against your lips.
  2. Use glasses with stems. Not only do they make it easy to swirl and smell, the stem also separates your hand from the wine, which would cause it to heat up.
  3. Do not use a dishwasher as it will etch the surface of the glass and leave detergent residue. Treat your stemware with mild soap and a hot rinse. Dry quickly with cotton or linen for a glossy finish.


WineCollective suggests having five glass shapes available either for personal and daily use or to ensure guests can make the best of the dinner and wine experience.



If you are to only have one glass on hand we recommend this one. With a large tulip sized bowl, the Bordeaux glass is easily the most useful. The stem is not overly lengthy which makes for easy swirling and with a narrow opening, aromas are highly concentrated.



The smaller tulip size glassware help chilled wine to stay fresh and cold. Since there is a lesser need to aerate the wine, the glass has a very narrow and small rim. This glass will also work for a mature Bordeaux.


Burgundy/Pinot Noir/Piedmont

This is the big guy. With a large bowl and open rim, the wine can be exposed to the maximum amount of air. A big-closed wine such as a Burgundy or very fruit-centered variety like Pinot Noir highly benefit from aeration prior to drinking in order to enhance flavour and bold aromas.



Obviously an option, however the fancy glass makes a great addition for Port after dinner. It is much smaller, making it appropriate for an aperitif or dessert wine.


Champagne Flute

If you didn’t receive some as a wedding gift, WineCollective truly recommends buying a few. There is no better way to enjoy Champagne at any occasion and they do serve some purpose. The narrow cuvee prolongs the bead (bubbles) of Champagne as well as preserves the chill. Plus, presentation is key.


Given that it is Friday, or as WineCollective calls it #ChampagneFriday, we hope you take the evening to pop a bottle and celebrate. However, before you buy a bottle take a look at The Drinks Business article on Champagne bottle sizes. Similar to glasses, bubbly bottle sizes also have an effect on the wine.

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 1.41.17 PM

The article highlights how different sizes impact the development of Champagne. According to a study reported, tasters found differences in the same Champagne aged in various sizes. While the half bottle had flavours of an aged vintage, the standard bottle was “appealing.” Overall, tasters found the wine in the Magnum was most balanced.

WineCollective has noted: The bigger the bottle, the better the Champagne!