We’re Listening!

We’ve been receiving some feedback from our members regarding a small trial change we made to the tasting cards this month.  We removed the price from each of the individual tasting cards (see above), while maintaining the pricing information on the website under “My Wines”. We did that for a couple of reasons:

  1. We had previously received some feedback that when members gave their wines as gifts (with their cards) they didn’t like the price so prominently displayed. So they often didn’t give the cards along with the wine.
  2. We wanted to encourage members to visit their online accounts more often to rate & comment on each wines, and having the price available online would be a motivating factor.

However, we’ve received some passionate feedback from members regarding the value of the prices on each of the tasting cards and we are listening! For our March delivery we’re going back to displaying the prices on each hardcopy card.

We absolutely appreciate the feedback from members and want to encourage everyone to keep letting us know what you think about the product and any areas where we can improve. We’ve refined the product over the past few years and will continue to do so (keep tuned in for exciting news within the next few months!) and really value your opinions.

The WineCollective Crew