What happens when wine ages

On Saturday October 23rd, we had the chance to present some amazing wine to an enthusiastic group of around 30 at our first Willow Park partnered event.

Over the hour we had the chance to talk a bit about what happens to wine as it ages, as well as proper cellaring conditions. For example, here is a graph showing perfection in association of years cellared. Those who were tasting with us noted the “surly” stage first hand with a 5 year old Bordeaux.

optimal time to drink wine

Also here is small reminder of what happens to the colour as time goes by (going from young to old).

wine as it ages - colour

*Graphics are from The World Atlas of Wine by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson.

The spectacular wine we tasted included a Domain Weinbach Cuvee Laurence – Gewurztraminer from 1992 and 2007. As well as a Clos du Marquis Bordeaux from 1996 and 2005. Having the two different vintages side by side really showcased the amazing transformation that time plays on wine. It was fairly conclusive that the 2005 Bordeaux really needed more time (surly stage!) and was simply not ready to drink now, whereas the 1996 was sickly smooth. Now if only we could drink aged wine all the time!

Thanks to everyone who managed to make it down and to Willow Park, it was great to have you and we hope you enjoyed the seminar.