Why we love Spanish wines

WineCollective has grown an affinity for Spanish wines, and for good reasons. We have found a trend in Spanish wines, affordable prices that over-deliver on quality. Not only are we discovering great values, but there are both wines with some ageing potential and ones that are ready-to-drink now at around $20.

What does Spain have that other mass producers don’t? Unlike other international producers that export a majority of their “ready-to-drink” table wines to North America, Spanish wines contain native varietals, are produced at less tonnes per acre than most, and come from quality, old-er vines. Richard Jennings of RJ on Wine notes that, “Spanish wines are not only great bargains, they are also ideally suited to the American palate.” Spanish wines tend to be approachable and are versatile for food-pairing.

Spain is the world’s third largest producer, and has more land under vine than any other, yet has not sacrificed quality in their high-volume production. Also, Spain has stayed true to varietals that are producing exceptional fruit in the region rather than concede to produce mainstream grapes starting with “C” as Bill St. John says in Uncorked: Spain conquers.

Wine Access has listed some recommend Spanish wines that are available in Canada. WineCollective is showcasing some of our favourite Spanish wines in our September packages too.  Don’t worry if you missed out this month, there will definitely be more Spanish wines in WineCollective’s future!